James O. Page/JEMS Leadership Award

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Deadline extended to December 30, 2019!

Do you know someone worth recognizing?

The James O. Page/JEMS Leadership Award encourages EMS personnel and EMS agencies to deliver quality service, gain the respect of their colleagues in the field of EMS, and fight to do what’s in the best interest of patient care and EMS in their community.

The award recognizes an individual (or organization) who exhibits the drive and tenacious effort to resolve important EMS issues or bring about positive change in an EMS system, often at great personal or professional sacrifice.

The James O. Page/JEMS Leadership Award is not a single achievement award, but rather one that recognizes great personal or agency effort leading to significant achievements.

Some examples of past James O. Page Leadership Awardees include:

  • Successfully fought a wrongful decision or action by an administrator, state or federal EMS agency, legislative body or employer.
  • Championed the development or enactment of state, federal or local legislation that resulted in streamlined regulation, improved EMS delivery, additional funding or an enhanced work environment for EMS personnel.
  • Took action that resulted in EMS system design or operational changes that significantly improved the delivery of patient care, or successfully replaced a poor-performing ambulance or paramedic system with a system that significantly improved care, such as through improved patient outcomes, higher level of training, community education programs and more actively integrated medical control.
  • Exhibits a documented/proven track record in leading organizations or individuals in the development and delivery of high quality EMS. This is the person who turns everything they touch into gold, whether it be the implementation of a new and innovative educational program, EMS system expansion or recruitment and retention program.

Eligibility: This award is open to an individual OR an agency who has championed a cause or righted an EMS wrong. Past winners are not eligible.

Selection process: Representatives from a panel of EMS experts will judge the entrants.

Award details: The winner (individual or a service representative) will receive airfare, registration and hotel accommodations to attend the EMS Today Conference and Exposition in March 2020, where they will be recognized and presented with a $1,000 award.

Nominations: You may submit nominations here or down below. The nomination period runs through December 30, 2019. 

For more information, please contact JEMS Managing Editor at [email protected].