European Resuscitation Council Presents Educational Congress on Prehospital Resuscitation

The European Resuscitation Council (ERC) held its annual conference, Resuscitation 2016, Sep. 24—25 at the Hilton Reykjavik Nordica in Reykjavik, Iceland. The focus of this year’s program was resuscitation education.

Following the release of new ERC Guidelines for resuscitation in 2015, the big question at this year’s conference was how to implement the new guidelines and teach them to providers in the field. Experts from Europe and the rest of the world discussed convened at the two-day conference to discuss education strategies and share ideas.

The goal of the Resuscitation conference is not only to search out and create scientific studies about improving survival rates with CPR, it’s also to teach people–from the basic first aider up to physicians and experts in our health systems– about the changes in the ERC Guidelines.

Reykjavik is not your typical fancy conference location, but the location has charge and a lot of nature in the “backyard” to make it a desirable destination. Compared to previous ERC conferences, 2016’s conference was a bit smaller, but all participants I spoke with said it was a great success for them.

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Siegfried Weinert, MSc, EMT-I, has served as a volunteer paramedic with Austrian Red Cross for more than 30 years. He's been involved in the education of paramedics, served as a consultant for rescue services and published EMS-related books. He holds an MSc degree in emergency and public health. He can be reached at  and on Facebook.

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