Uber, Henry Schein Medical Team Up

Medpod MobileDoc 2

(Photo: Business Wire)


Your medical treatment is arriving. Uber and medical supply company Henry Schein Medical announced this week they are teaming up to give patients access to clinical medical care in non-traditional settings.

The two companies said Medpod’s MobileDoc 2 will be integrated with Uber Health through a pilot program. The so-called “medical microcart” is packed with tools a health care provider needs to conduct remote telediagnostic examinations on the road.

Company officials said the move means better access to quality medical care in ambulances, homes, offices, schools, and senior care facilities.

Practitioners with a MobileDoc 2, which is the size of carry-on suitcase, can send an Uber driver to a patient’s location, or arrange for a patient to be driven by Uber Health to a clinical care setting.

An earlier incarnation of the kit could detect heart attacks and examine skin lesions. The new version allows for remote consultations through diagnostic tools to capture patients’ temperatures, peripheral capillary oxygen saturation, blood pressure, height, weight, and body mass index.

The service will be available based on Uber Health’s “resources, capacity, and build out for deployment,” the company said.


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