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Smallpox: The Big Story (Part III)

(Continued from last week)

Sorry, But Kids ARE Little Adults

I'm not really into conspiracy theories. I feel fairly certain it was not a right-wing plot that led Monica Lewinsky into the Oval Office, nor was it a leftist movement that caused the government to raid the Branch Davidians. (I think it was because they shot at a U.S. Marshal). I don't believe the Bush administration is full of conspiracies. A conspiracy means that you try to hide what's actually going on, and the current crew doesn't even make an attempt to conceal its disdain for common sense.

Smallpox: The Big Story (Part I)

Modern health care has made us secure in many ways, but we live in an era not so long removed from a time when disease could wipe out a family, a city or a civilization. What we know of epidemics now mostly comes from the history books, and even that is simply a table of numbers and dates. In reality, these tomes tell us nothing. The common thread of humanity within us wants to know how people not numbers lived, thought, felt and died. It's only in literature where we can get a true sense of what living in an era of rampant disease must have been like.

Introduction to Human Factors Engineering & Its Role in EMS

I am not a good housekeeper. I believe in things like the gravity theory of laundry: If you pile enough stuff on top of a shirt, the accumulated weight will squeeze all the dirt out of the clothing on the bottom. I think that if God had intended towels to be off the floor, they would float on their own accord when dropped from a soggy hand. I consider the domestic canine to be the greatest floor-cleaning aid ever devised. I tell you this so that A.J.