First Blended EMS Leadership Academy Installment Is Available

The EMS Leadership Academy is pleased to announce that the first installment of the blended EMS Leadership Academy is available. Basic Supervisory Practices, EMS 802 and 803 is now available for registration.

EMS 802 includes the knowledge objectives required for Basic Supervisory Practices in an on-line format. Providing the equivalent of 24 hours of classroom instruction, it is followed by EMS 803. EMS 803 is a 16 hour face to face class which is designed to complement the knowledge objectives by presenting the skills training needed to complete your training at the entry Supervisory level.

EMS 802 provides the flexibility and convenience of a self paced program which can be completed on your own time line. It is designed to provide the basic knowledge essential to becoming a successful leader and provides the foundation for the beginnings to effective Supervision.

EMS 803 is the face to face class which provided the remaining 16 hours of instruction to complete both the learning and skills objectives identified for the core competencies of effective supervision as an EMS Leader.

EMS 802 is available now Go to the EMS Leadership Academy page, and click on EMS 802 now to enroll. The cost is $185.00 for all students.

Once you have completed EMS 802, you will be entitled to enroll in EMS 803. This class will be provided in various locations across the State. (See EMS 803 on the EMS Leadership Web Page for more information). Cost for In-State Residents is $150.00. Classes offered In-State will be available to Out of State students for $455.00. (Arrangements for out of state students wishing to make EMS 803 available locally should contact the EMS Leadership Office, either Forrest C. Wood, Jr., Training Manager, or Sonya Maness, Customer Service Representative, at (979) 845-0518, or (979) 862-6949.)

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