Bennington, Vt. Prepares to Start National EMS Bike Ride

BENNINGTON — The National EMS Memorial Bike Ride, also known as “The Muddy Angels,” will be beginning their trek to Washington, D.C., in Bennington on Saturday, May 15.

The “Muddy Angels” are a family of caring individuals who have an interest in EMS and ride bicycles. They honor Emergency Medical Services personnel who serve every day, those who have become sick, injured or died while performing their duties, and any fallen EMS brethren. They also want to see recognition of EMS as a profession, a reduction in debilitating injuries and line of duty deaths in EMS, along with a national EMS accountability system.

The group is not the National EMS Memorial Service, but supports their efforts. “We hope to help as many people as we can in the 2010 National EMS Memorial Bike Ride by embarking on a full-scale fund raiser to expand our mission that will assist families of EMS personnel who have become severely ill, injured or have died due to their EMS involvement,” states Jennifer Frenette, president of the Muddy Angels Inc.

There are three starting points this year, Bennington, Portland Maine, and Paintsville, Ky., and all will converge in Washington. There are 18 riders thus far who will start in Bennington and a total of 88 riders throughout.

The Bennington Rescue Squad will be hosting the riders as they arrive and will be the starting point of their journey. “We have chosen Bennington to honor our fallen brother Dale

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