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<p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info"><br> 760-943-9123 </p> <p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-handsontype">The <strong>FirstWatch IDV</strong>, an interactive data visualization tool, is a simple, intuitive user interface that allows the user to interact with their data from a real-time or historical perspective. IDV users can: customize filters; view their volume, response or clinical compliance by date range, day of week/hour of day, station, company, shift, or battalion unit; group data; compare by previous day, month or year; and work with a customized grid, all configurable per user-based on what's most important to them.</p>

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410 Medical

<p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info"><br> 844-410-0410 </p> <p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-handsontype"><strong>LifeFlow</strong> is a hand-operated rapid infuser for critically ill patients who require urgent fluid delivery. Easy-to-use and intuitive, LifeFlow is designed to allow frontline providers to deliver fluids quickly and efficiently, improving patient care. Using LifeFlow, a trained user can deliver 500 mL of crystalloid fluid through a 20g IV catheter in < 2.5 minutes. The LifeFlow Rapid Infusion System includes a sterile IV tubing set and the LifeFlow handle.</p>

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7-SIGMA Simulation Systems (7S³)

<p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info"><br> 888-722-7224 </p> <p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-handsontype">The <strong>7S³ Modular Airway Trainer </strong>is unparalleled in its attention to realistically simulating intubation, ensuring that EMTs and paramedics receive training that translates into superior patient care. Its modular construction allows for a variety of airways to be easily interchanged including obstructed airways, various pathologies, constricted airways and less challenging airways, allowing the opportunity to practice intubation skills and techniques under a wider array of conditions.</p>

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<p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info"><br> 800-262-8462 </p> <p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-handsontype">The <strong>Ambu King Pediatric-Sized King LTS-D</strong> laryngeal tube is a disposable, simple to use alternative airway device that provides superior patient ventilation. The King LTS-D allows the passage of the gastric tube through a separate channel. A single port inflates both proximal and distal cuffs. The proximal cuff stabilizes the King LTS-D and seals the oropharynx. The distal cuff blocks entry to the esophagus, reducing the possibility of gastric insufflation.</p>

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Care 2 Innovations

<p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info"><br> 949-375-0707 </p> <p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-handsontype"><strong>SIPQuik </strong>is the world's first and only "Stabilize in Place" cervical splinting collar. Unlike rigid<br /> C-collars, the SIPQuik contains a soft bean-bag like material that conforms to any size patient in any position without putting harmful traction on the neck. It can even be applied around hair and clothing. The attached pump quickly vacuums out the air, creating a firm, custom fit and providing comfortable C-spine immobilization.</p>

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Certa Dose Inc.

<p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info"><br> 347-866-7657 </p> <p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-handsontype"><strong>CertaDose </strong>is a color-coded syringe that eliminates medication errors in pediatric dosing by utilizing the standards of color-coded measuring tapes that estimate patients' weights based on their length and recommends dosages in specific colors. By using the corresponding color on the syringe there's no longer a need to calculate medication dosages, enabling operators to simply draw up the correct dosage of medication every time.</p>

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Concordance Healthcare Solutions

<p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info"><br> 888-540-3232 </p> <p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-handsontype"><strong>XStat</strong> is a non-absorbable, expandable hemostatic sponge for temporary internal use. It's ideal for small entrance wounds, small caliber and stab wounds in junctional areas. In the wound, the XStat sponges expand and swell to fill the wound cavity within 20 seconds of contact with blood. This creates a temporary barrier to blood flow and provides hemostatic pressure.</p>

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Demers Ambulances

<p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info"><br> 800-363-7591</p> <p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-handsontype">The <strong>Demers 2016 Ford Transit Type II Ambulance</strong> is efficiently designed to exceed standards for testing, quality and performance. The vehicle's features include an aerodynamic roof to maximize lighting, save fuel and reduce noise; strong aluminum cabinetry with adjustable shelves; ducted five-vent ceiling HVAC system for improved heating and cooling; and maximized cargo capacity to increase storage, equipment and occupant room. Multiple safety configurations within the ambulance include firm entry handles, safety nets and six-point seatbelt seating.</p>

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EMIT Corporation

<p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info"><br> 281-984-7355 </p> <p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-handsontype"><strong>HypothermX HX100 and LG</strong> are FDA-cleared, CE-marked, fast, simple, portable, disposable and long-term use IV fluid/blood warming systems fueled with<br /> isobutane/propane, eliminating the need for external power. These devices reliably warm 5 degrees C infusate to 38 ± 3 degrees C at infusion rates of 170 mL/min and well beyond.</p>

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Espero Pharmaceuticals

<p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info"><br> 800-235-6520 </p> <p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-handsontype"><strong>GoNitro </strong>(nitroglycerin) sublingual powder is the first and only short-acting nitrate powder in a single-dose packet, proven to provide fast relief from the pain of angina attacks. The foil-lined individual packaging preserves stability and potency, eliminates risk of patient cross-contamination and waste, and has a 24-month shelf-life from the date of manufacturing. A key study also demonstrated that the bioavailability of GoNitro was, on average, both higher (45%) and faster (96 seconds) than nitroglycerin spray.</p>

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FoxFury Lighting Solutions

<p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info"><br> 760-945-4231</p> <p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info">The <strong>T56 True to Life Scene Light</strong> is a specialty LED scene light that offers true perspective and colors. Its 8,200 lumens can be used to light up treatment areas-from an MCI area, to starting an IV, to the performance of field surgical procedures. It's cordless, submersible, self-contained, rechargeable and can be deployed (and stowed) in seconds.</p>

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<p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info"><br> 888-469-7789</p> <p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-handsontype"><strong>ImageTrend Continuum</strong> monitors and delivers the information you need to make informed decisions, improve patient care and operations through Active Data Monitoring. And there are no reports to build! With Continuum, the information you select is delivered to you when and how you want to receive it-via text, email and/or dashboard. Realize immediate awareness with real-time updates upon posting data.</p>

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<p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info"><br> [email protected] </p> <p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-handsontype"><strong>Infor Talent Science</strong> is a 100% data-driven solution that helps recruiters and hiring manages evaluate and select the best candidates for your EMT and paramedic jobs. Talent Science measures 39 cognitive, behavioral and cultural traits through an assessment test completed by the candidate as part of the EMS application. Results are matched against a custom performance profile based on your top performing EMTs, paramedics and other staff positions. The candidate's "fit score" helps you identify the best EMS candidates, who based on their behavioral DNA, will perform better and stay longer.</p>

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Inscope Medical Solutions

<p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info"><br> 844-396-2645</p> <p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info">The <strong>Inscope Direct Laryngoscope</strong> is the first laryngoscope with fully integrated and controllable suction, allowing the clinician to quickly remove airway secretions and maintain a continuously clear view of the vocal cords for easy endotracheal tube placement. The Inscope Direct's one-piece, fully disposable laryngoscope design prevents risk of cross-contamination.</p>

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KARL STORZ Endoscopy

<p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info"><br> 800-421-0837</p> <p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info">The <strong>C-MAC Premium Platform</strong> offers a full range of intubation tools for portable airway management. It meets all the unique needs of your patients, including reusable and single-use blades in adult, pediatric and neonatal sizes. The Pocket Monitor offers a 3.5" monitor with 300,000 pixels to provide an unsurpassed image. It's completely watertight, provides one hour of continuous use with an exchangeable battery for additional reserves. The Pocket Monitor is capable of capturing images and recording video with patient data protection offered by a proprietary data transfer cable.</p>

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Laerdal Medical

<p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info"><br> 877-523-7325</p> <p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info">The <strong>CPRmeter 2</strong> provides real-time feedback on the key parameters of quality CPR, helping cardiac arrest first responders to optimize and maintain quality compressions. The hand-held device measures the quality of each compression, providing feedback on compression rate, depth, release, and hands-on time, which represent critical components of high-quality CPR as defined by the American Heart Association.</p>

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Laerdal Medical

<p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info"><br> 877-523-7325 </p> <p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-handsontype"><strong>SimPad PLUS</strong> is an operating device used to control Laerdal simulators and manikins and can be used with task trainers and standardized patients. Its intuitive touchscreen interface, mobile design, easy-to-operate scenarios and integrated data log help instructors, new or experienced, to deliver highly effective simulation-based training.</p>

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Mercury Medical

<p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info"><br> 800-237-6418 </p> <p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-handsontype">Mercury Medical is introducing the new <strong>Resusa-Tee</strong>, the first and only disposable T-piece resuscitator for patients over 10 kg. With the Resusa-Tee, clinicians can set and deliver consistent peak inspiratory pressure (PIP) and positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) pressure. All Resusa-Tee devices come assembled with a built-in, color-coded manometer to verify delivered pressures. T-Piece resuscitators don't have a bag to squeeze; instead, clinicians deliver PIP with their thumb, which reduces fatigue associated with squeezing a bag.</p>

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<p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info"><br> 877-222-0200 </p> <p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-handsontype">Be seen on scene-and be safer-with the all-new <strong>Meret OMNI Pro BLS/ALS Total System in High-Viz with M4L Ballsitic Armored Protection</strong>. Visually signal your team's presence with high-viz color and reflectivity that provides better visibility during daylight, dusk, dawn and nighttime. And in an increasingly uncertain world, ballistic resistance offers something new-an innovative backpack design that could save your life while you save others.</p>

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<p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info"><br> 800-876-6866 </p> <p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-handsontype">Like a good partner, <strong>LifeStar EC</strong> gloves are trustworthy and designed so you can rely on their durability and industry-leading quality. Dual, contrasting colors quickly shows the wearer if the glove becomes compromised. The gloves have amazing strength while providing comfort and tactile sensitivity, and their innovative non-stick surface will avoid fumbling with tapes.</p>

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PerSys Medical

<p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info"><br> 713-723-6000 </p> <p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-handsontype">The <strong>Blizzard 2 Layer Compact Blanket </strong>is a high performing, compact, two-layer Reflexcell blanket for the prevention and treatment of hypothermia, as well as effective protection from cold, wind and rain. Its innovative Reflexcell material traps warm air and reflects heat back to the user, while elastic cords hug the body, eliminating heat voids.</p>

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PerSys Medical

<p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info"><br> 713-723-6000 </p> <p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-handsontype">The <strong>NIO Pediatric (NIO-P)</strong>, is a spring loaded, ready-to-use intraosseous device for quick, safe and easy vascular access in 10 seconds. The NIO-P features an adjustable needle penetration depth indicator, allowing one device to accommodate a wide range of pediatric patients. The single-use, self-contained unit requires no cleaning/maintenance and eliminates the risk of accidental needle stick. The NIO-P is cost effective, requires no additional accessories and has a five-year shelf life.</p>

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Physio-Control, now part of Stryker

<p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info"><br> 800-442-1142 </p> <p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-handsontype">The LUCAS chest compression system helps lifesaving teams around the world deliver high-quality, guidelines-consistent compressions-in the field, on the move and in the hospital. With over 15 years of clinical experience, the <strong>LUCAS 3</strong> chest compression system has improved features to facilitate maintenance and handling and allows for new insights through easy, wireless access to device data.</p>

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<p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info"><br> 317-246-5505 </p> <p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-handsontype">The <strong>Control-Cric</strong> was created to perform a blind cricothyrotomy in under 2 minutes. The Cric-Knife consists of a dual-sided, 10mm blade with an integrated sliding trach hook. The blade makes it easier to widen the airway via slight side-to-side movement. The hook helps to maintain placement of the airway. The Cric-Key has a pre-shaped stylet that provides tactile feel of the tracheal rings for airway confirmation. It also has a 5.5 mm soft cric-tube with cuff. Once the airway is confirmed via the stylet and the Cric-Key is fully inserted, the stylet can be removed and the cuff inflated.</p>

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Rescue Essentials

<p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info"><br> 866-711-4843 </p> <p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-handsontype">The <strong>Rescue Essentials Public Access Bleeding Control Kit</strong> was designed to fit into existing AED cabinets, providing critical public access to bleeding control products. Each kit contains two identical modules that include a CAT tourniquet, two rolls of compressed gauze, a 4" trauma dressing, 5.5" shears and a pair of nitrile gloves. The modules also include diagrammatic instructions for the use of the components. These kits allow public facilities such as airports to add bleeding control products in a cost effective way to support the nationwide "Stop The Bleed" Campaign.</p>

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The VitalStream Group

<p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info"><br> 603-748-8307</p> <p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-handsontype">The <strong>P.E.R.F.O.R.M.S. Curriculum</strong> is a complete online library of resources for EMS educators to conduct streamlined, effective simulations for paramedics and students. Authored and validated by EMS physicians and educators, the P.E.R.F.O.R.M.S. Curriculum includes curriculum information, scenarios, debriefing questions, moulage instructions, standardized patient scripts, real ECGs and 12-leads, among other materials.</p>

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Virtual Education Systems

<p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info"><br> 888-609-9607</p> <p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-handsontype"><strong>VRpatients-EMS</strong> is a virtual reality training platform for EMTs and paramedics. The platform immerses the user in a highly realistic environment. Users interact with virtual patients and their decision-making process and competency is tested and measured in real time. The training provider can use the platform's highly intuitive interface to both customize the content to fit their department's practices and goals as well as create their own training cases without any prior knowledge or expertise in programming or virtual reality.</p>

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Vygon USA

<p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info"><br> 800-473-5414 </p> <p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-handsontype"><strong>Thoraquik</strong> combines a 10-cm, 8-gauge needle with an integrated three-position opening hub (open, closed or one-way with duckbill valve) for an all-in-one needle decompression device for treating tension pneumothorax.</p>

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Laerdal Medical

<p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info"><br> 877-523-7325</p> <p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info">The <strong>CPRmeter 2</strong> provides real-time feedback on the key parameters of quality CPR, helping cardiac arrest first responders to optimize and maintain quality compressions. The hand-held device measures the quality of each compression, providing feedback on compression rate, depth, release, and hands-on time, which represent critical components of high-quality CPR as defined by the American Heart Association.</p>

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Rescue Chic

<p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info"><br> 858-444-6286 </p> <p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-handsontype">This specially-designed unisex <strong>LED Beanie</strong> has the light output of a high-quality headlamp (48 lumens) and is perfect for nighttime or dark calls. The headlamp is integrated within the front of the high-quality compression fleece beanie and has a 68-hour battery life.</p>

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<p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info"><br> 877-903-5642</p> <p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-handsontype"><strong>Pulsara </strong>is the leading communication product for time sensitive emergencies. The new Prehospital Alerting Package allows EMS to notify any hospital of any incoming case with just a tap on their smartphones. Medics can securely (and HIPAA-compliantly) upload images-including the ECG, transmit patient data and securely chat with EDs. This Pulsara package is always free to EMS and is currently offered at no cost for the contract duration to hospitals through 2017.</p>

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Laerdal Medical

<p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-hotproducts-info"><br> 877-523-7325 </p> <p class="features-content-body-copy-heads-handsontype"><strong>SimPad® PLUS</strong> is an operating device used to control Laerdal manikins and simulators and can be used with task trainers and standardized patients. With its intuitive touchscreen interface, mobile design, easy-to-operate scenarios and integrated data log, SimPad PLUS helps instructors, new or experienced, deliver highly-effective simulation-based training.</p>