Ambulance Showcase 2013

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<p>AEV vehicles are not just built to be highly functional; they are designed to be safe for all occupants. AEV does not believe that crash simulation is enough to effectively prove the crashworthiness and safety of a vehicle, so the company actually crash tests their vehicles to validate the structural integrity and occupant protection level of their ambulances in case of a real-life collision. The crash test was designed to reflect a common, and often deadly, risk faced by emergency vehicles: the threat of being hit broadside while driving through an intersection. They were conducted by SAE Engineer members at a leading independent test facility used by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration and automakers for their crash evaluation programs.</p>

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<p>Lexington Fire Department’s, 148 Commando Type I, 4x4 ambulance</p>

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Miller Coach

<p>The interior patient compartment cabinets feature a special location for a crash stable defibrillator mount that is installed for safe and easy access and viewing.</p>

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PL Custom

<p>PL Custom ambulances can be custom-designed to incorporate your department’s special needs into the layout. </p>