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The Activity Group

208-906-0585 [email protected] The A260E First Aid/Trauma Kit is an advanced individual trauma care solution featuring new and innovative lifesaving technology recently developed for the U. S. Military. Expertly configured to treat severe injuries and save lives, it includes a 2" Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet, rapid expanding XGauze, Fastbreathe FTS Thoracic Seal, CWS Wound Seal and a 4" AirWrap inflatable bandage.

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Airspace Monitoring Systems, Inc.

888-654-5126 [email protected] Hydrogen cyanide (HCN) is a poisonous gas produced by burning plastics. The HCN Gas Detector is designed using solid state AGS technology, and can help EMS teams be clear of airborne HCN, detect dangerous off-gassing when treating severe smoke inhalation, provide rehab services to active firefighters, etc. The detectors require no routine bump testing or callibration, and include a five-year service warranty.

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Bayco Products

816-463-1471 [email protected] The new NSP-4650B Helmet-Mounted Multi-Function Dual-Light has a total of eight modes, with a second, independently controlled broad-beam LED floodlight that aims forward at a 45-degree angle to a 220 lumens flashlight beam. The 100 lumens of soft, unfocused light can illuminate nearby objects during overhauling, help when reading a respirator gauge or place light at your feet to prevent falls.

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Bioquell Inc.

215-682-0225 [email protected] With the push of a button, the BQ-EMS automated decontamination system can disinfect every exposed surface in a rig, killing 99.9999% of pathogens. A 35% hydrogen peroxide solution is emitted as a vapor to kill pathogens, including C. difficile, norovirus, MRSA, Ebola and bioterrorism threats. Bioquell’s technology has unmatched real-world experience and efficacy, from decontaminating Ebola on U.S. soil to daily use at the world’s leading healthcare and life science institutions.

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Chinook Medical Gear

970-375-1241 [email protected] The Chinook LIFE Kits allow bystanders to provide lifesaving treatment on scene during the critical time between an injury and arrival of medical professionals. The LIFE Kit Basic addresses severe bleeding, while the Advanced Kit treats penetrating chest wounds and hypothermia. Kits are available individually or as part of a pack or station for central placement in public buildings. Training kits are also available.

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Distance CME LLC

267-417-0009 [email protected] For those interested in continued education or recertification, Distance CME LLC provides All-in-One EMS Educational Courses that include more than 400 live online course hours per month, recertification courses, and separate programs for medical, trauma, critical care, obstetrics/pediatrics, respiratory and more.

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EAW Security

215-947-7272 [email protected] The Narcotic Tracking System (NTS) can monitor your narcotics from storage, to go-bag, to ambulance, then back to storage. The NTS is outfitted with a high-security CyberLock access control system and CyberAudit software that can grant or restrict individuals from using the locks. Locks can’t be picked and keys can’t be duplicated. Every time a key is issued, a record of the event is stored in both the lock and the key, and “access granted” or “access denied” events are also recorded.

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EKG Concepts

262-498-5047 [email protected] The R-CAT (Rapid Cardiac Analysis Tool) EKG Badge is used to interpret both ECG rhythm strips and 12-lead ECGs quickly and accurately the first time, and every time. It fits in any size pocket and features a see-through window for baseline analysis; pre-set R–R measurements for calculating heart rate; accurate measuring of PR, QRS and QT intervals based on alignment with pre-calibrated red boxes; and a color-coded section linking cardiac muscle involvement to observed 12-lead changes.

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ESI Rapid Response

800-574-8228 [email protected] ESI Rapid Response Units are designed to reduce operating costs without reducing capabilities. The RRU slides into the bed of a domestic pickup truck and is secured with a patented system that allows for easy installation and removal. This fiberglass, weather-resistant, transferable insert is designed with double-wall construction, an insulating barrier and rear/side pullout trays. Custom interior configurations and installations can be selected to fit your needs.

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EVS Ltd.

564-233-5707 [email protected] The 1769 Seat with Mobility 1 Tracking System is an ambulance seat on a sliding track that allows responders to reach a patient or supplies while seated. It has a three-point belting system for added safety and the swivel base can be mounted in three locations to provide several possible floor plan configurations. It can fold up when not in use or, when tilted forward, can carry a second patient with the help of a backboard.

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FASTTrack Medical Solutions LLC

612-281-8577 [email protected] The FASTBreathe Thoracic Seal is an innovative, simple-to-use solution for managing a potential or known open tension pneumothorax. The valved seal can be self-applied with minimal training and can be covered by body armor, blankets or clothing. The hydroseal technology allows the packaged product to stick aggressively, but remove gently. It can be folded without channeling and can utilize space as small as 2 1/2" x 2 1/2".

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877-733-0911 [email protected] The Ferno iN∫TRAXX Integrated Ambulance Component System introduces a new vision for delivering emergency care inside a modular ambulance environment. It provides Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)-compliant safety for providers and patients, and reduces operating costs for agencies. iN∫TRAXX is designed to secure loose equipment and supplies inside the ambulance while allowing medics to deliver patient care from a seated, restrained position. This reduces the risk of death and injury during sudden impact, stops or hard maneuvers.

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Gerber Outerwear

800-437-2371 [email protected] The Medix Plus is a three-in-one system parka with a removable soft shell liner jacket, making it perfect for all types of weather conditions. Both pieces provide bloodborne pathogen protection. Additional features include several pockets to store gear, a concealable hood, adjustable cuffs and reflective striping. Available in midnight navy or lime yellow, the Medix Plus is backed by a five-year factory warranty.

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Innovative Trauma Care

855-774-4526 [email protected] The iTClamp Hemmorhage Control Version 2 controls bleeding in the extremities, axilla, inguinal, scalp and neck by sealing the edges of a wound to mitigate further blood loss. *Research shows the iTClamp is superior to wound packing in terms of patient survival, survival time and total blood loss. Applied in seconds with minimal pain to the patient, the iTClamp is ideal for emergency response. *Filips D, Logsetty S, Tan J, et al. The iTClamp controls junctional bleeding in a lethal swine exsanguination model. Prehosp Emerg Care. 2013;17(4):526–32.

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Inovytec Medical Solutions Ltd.

888-780-3376 [email protected] The Lubo Airway Collar is the only non-invasive solution that can safely open the airway by imitating the jaw thrust maneuver, perform neck-free immobilization, allow intubation without removing the device and avoid the risks of the traditional neck grasp. It meets civilian and military first-aid international guidelines and is easily applied. Ideal for first-aid, trauma, mass casualty, school, active shooter and special events kits.

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Laerdal Medical

877-523-7325 [email protected] SimMan ALS is designed to fulfill the unique training needs of prehospital and in-hospital emergency care providers. SimMan ALS has a mobile, durable design allowing training to take place in clinically realistic environments. The feature set enables learners to accurately assess, diagnose and treat a wide range of patient scenarios, and allows for airway management, breathing assessment, palpation, auscultation, vascular access, ECG interpretations, defibrillation and more.

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Laerdal Medical

877-523-7325 [email protected] The new Thomas Select Tube Holder is designed to secure a wide range of airway devices currently on the market. With its larger opening, push-screw mechanism and quick-release button, it allows for rapid assessment and interventions. Thomas Select is easy to use and adjust, with the hook and loop strap design it provides a secure and comfortable fit, even when wet.

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866-864-9033 [email protected] AdvanceCare is a NEMSIS 3 certified, 100% cloud-based, secure electronic patient care reporting solution that dramatically streamlines processes handled by field crews during transport. Launched in 2015, the product simplifies manual procedures and automates the retrieval of patient history and insurance information. AdvanceCare allows EMS crews to focus less on data entry tasks and more on making intelligent, real-time patient care decisions while sharing information between field and office teams from any device, anytime, anywhere.

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PerSys Medical

713-723-6000 [email protected] Compact and lightweight, the Blizzard EMS Blanket prevents and combats hypothermia in prehospital settings and during EMS transport. The blanket provides unmatched thermal retention through two layers of Reflexcell—a unique material that traps warm air within its cells—while its metalized surface reflects heat back to the patient. The unit provides full body coverage, includes an adhesive closure strip and is vacuum-sealed into a compact square.

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PerSys Medical

713-723-6000 [email protected] The WoundStop Care1 pressure dressing provides a compact, lightweight solution for effective hemorrhage control. The 4” elastic bandage is 370 cm (stretched) x 10 cm, stops bleeding on any part of the body and allows for self-application. The WoundStop Care1 is intuitive to use and requires no additional training, making it an ideal solution for EMS providers.

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Pyng Medical

604-303-7964 [email protected] *Recent clinical evidence indicates the sternal route for intraosseous infusion improves patient outcomes. As an all-in-one device, FASTTactical gives you an easily identifiable and repeatable landmark with the fast deployment and high-flow rates you need. It comes in unique, small profile, rigid tube packaging that fits easily into your medical bag and protects the device from damage while keeping it sterile. *Moloff A. (2016.) All intraosseous sites are not equal. Pyng Medical. Retrieved on April 20, 2016, from

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Quantum EMS

516-321-9494 [email protected] With the C-Max+, two people can transport a patient safely and comfortably up and down stairs and to the ambulance. The chair has a maximum weight of 662 lbs. with automatic brakes for safety. It’s suitable for almost all kinds of stairs, including winding stairs. The climbing system is low in maintenance, reliable and sturdy with state-of-the-art, top-quality userability.

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Quantum EMS

516-321-9494 [email protected] The Containment Unit has a unique, patented, inversed, welded zipper preventing cross contamination with a commercial grade engine. It creates negative pressure relative to its surroundings and prevents outside exposure. The cell can be set up in minutes, saving time and money in sealing the back of an ambulance. It can be folded down into a compact canvas bag that can be carried by hand or easily stored.

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818-504-4054 [email protected] The SSCOR DCell Suction device is the world’s first and only full-size portable suction device powered by off-the-shelf alkaline batteries. This makes the SSCOR DCell Suction ideal for emergencies when unexpected power failures may occur or a vacuum is required in unequipped areas.

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845-679-2475 [email protected] The Humerus IO Trainer provides effective training on the access procedure for fluid management. Humerus access is now recognized as the best alternative when IV access can’t be obtained. The trainer presents three orientations with correct hallmarks on the bone, which are needed to provide accurate and safe access for fluid administration. The replacement bone section supports rapid-fire training, while maintaining the realism needed for an effective training experience.

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845-679-2475 [email protected] Improving CPR quality delivery is made easier with the Econo VTA (Visual Training Assistant). With the same lifelike look and feel of the industry standard Econo Sani-Manikin, these affordable CPR trainers let you provide students with their own manikin. The VTA indication system is easy to understand and offers a rate light that tells users when the correct rate is achieved, with a second light that indicates the correct depth with proper release.

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Smart Electric

855-472-2031 [email protected] The Smart Alert LED Emergency Flasher can be used in the outdoor fixtures of your home, such as your porch light. It acts as a normal light bulb until you need to make your home identifiable. In an emergency, you can flick the wall switch twice from the inside of the house and the outside lights will begin to flash, making it easy for EMS to find you. The light can be seen day or night and is available with an LED, incandescent or halogen light source.

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866-246-6990 [email protected] The LMA Unique EVO Airway is a first-generation supraglottic airway device that also offers endotracheal tube (ETT) intubation capabilities. Made with a silicone cuff and PVC airway tube, it allows for intubation with ETT sizes 7.0–8.0 mm and features Cuff Pilot Technology—an integrated cuff pressure monitor system that provides constant at-a-glance feedback, alerting clinicians of changes in cuff pressure to help improve patient care and safety. It’s supplied sterile for single-use only.

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TransLite LLC (Veinlite)

281-240-3111 [email protected] The new Veinlite EMS PRO expands upon the capabilities of former models by combining a reliable light source with its portable, one-stick vein finding tool. In an emergency situation in the dark, its integrated white LED exam light makes finding a vein both practical and efficient, improving the quality of your care.

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Xhale Assurance (distributed by BoundTree)

855-743-4589 [email protected] The Assurance Nasal Alar Sp02 Sensor is a next-generation, FDA cleared sensor that attaches to the nasal ala. This central oximetry monitoring site has a rich vascular supply yielding a strong, reliable signal; even in patients with poor perfusion. The sensor is immune to ambient light interference, is less susceptible to vibration and high noise environments, and can detect saturation changes faster than peripheral sites.