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Hands On November 2013

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Simple, Fast Hemorrhage Control, 1311JEMS_86.pdf

<p>It’s safe to say tourniquet use in the field is no longer a thing of the past. Manufacturers are now working to create new and improved versions of the tourniquet. The SAVE Tourniquet from HFRG Inc. is designed to be fast and easy to use. It features a ballistic nylon strap, a pressure ridge that helps to speed up compression and a simple buckle snap that works similar to an airplane seat buckle. The key feature on the SAVE Tourniquet is the compression reel. This reel tightens the tourniquet in three turns or less, taking less than three seconds. The SAVE Tourniquet comes in both an arm and a leg version.<br /> <strong>VITALS</strong><br /> Color: Black (arm); green and black (leg) Price: $40.99 (arm); $45.99 (leg); $75.00 (arm/leg package) <a href=""></a> 618-476-3200</p>

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Heavy Duty Light

<p>Having good lighting can be an essential part of any call. Lighting a scene can be especially difficult when there are flammable gases and vapors present. The Explosion Proof LED Drop/Trouble Light from Magnalight is a 7-watt hand/drop light that provides bright white lighting at 735 lumens. The high-efficiency LED bulb is sharper and whiter than incandescent lamps. The heavy-duty, lightweight non-sparking aluminum housing stays cool, eliminating the threat of burns when using the light. It comes with 50 feet of explosion-proof cord and an aluminum hook for easy placement in any work area.<br /> <strong>VITALS</strong><br /> Voltage: 12V or 24V AC Length: 16.5" Diameter: 5" Price: $565.20 <a href=""></a> 800-369-6671</p>

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Multipurpose Rescue Tool

<p>Nobody likes to have their units filled with assorted tools. The 87 Rescue Tool from ChannelLock is a multipurpose tool that, at just under nine inches long, is small enough to fit in your toolkit or the pocket of your bunker gear but also tough enough to do multiple jobs. The 87 Rescue Tool features a hardened-edge cutting shear, a pry bar with gas valve wrench that can also be used to open windows and doors, and a spanner wrench that can turn couplings up to five inches.<br /> <strong>VITALS</strong><br /> Length: 8.875" long Weight: 1.13 lbs. Price: $48.63 <a href=""></a> 800-724-3018</p>

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Handy ‘Emergency’ Bracelet

<p>When you’re in the middle of nowhere, it’s always good to be prepared for any situation that might come along. Whether on a search-and-rescue mission, camping trip or even a hike, the equipment you carry has to be compact and lightweight. It should also be versatile and able to handle a variety of jobs. The Teton Paracord Bracelet from CHUMS is the largest in a line of paracord bracelets that not only looks good, but can also be used in many situations. Made from 550 parachute cord with 12 core strands, it can be unbraided to produce 20 feet of high-strength line. Use it to help you make a shelter, as fishing line, a tourniquet, to tie splints or bandages, or as shoelaces—the uses are seemingly endless. Wear the bracelet on your wrist or attach it to your pack or rescue bag for quick, easy access.<br /> <strong>VITALS</strong><br /> Colors: Black, high-visibility green and gray, pink and black, orange and royal blue Price: $15.99 <a href=""></a> 800-222-CHUM</p>

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High Visibility for Emergency Service Dogs, 1311JEMS_87.pdf

<p>From a search-and-rescue dog to the family pet, safety is always a top priority. Being able to see a dog in the dark can be a challenge. If the dog is working an emergency scene or if you’re walking it at night, you want it to be visible to both you and oncoming vehicle traffic. The Nite Dawg LED Pet Leash from Nite Ize Inc. features an 18-inch flexible, LED transmitting polymer core that has about 100,000 hours of life and a replaceable 100-hour battery. The leash also has a reflective strip for passive reflectivity. The weather-resistant enclosed switch allows you to choose between constant glow and flash modes.<br /> <strong>VITALS</strong><br /> Length: 5' long Battery: 2032 3V lithium battery Color: Red Price: $17.49 <a href=""></a> 800-678-6483</p>

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Warmth and Dexterity, 1311JEMS_87.pdf

<p>In many areas of the country it’s time to break out the cold weather gear. The ProFlex 817WP Thermal/Waterproof Utility Glove from Ergodyne is a great addition to anyone’s cold weather apparel. With 40g 3M Thinsulate insulation and Hipora waterproof and windproof, breathable liner, these gloves keep your hands warm and dry. The palm features double-reinforced synthetic leather. There’s a padded spandex back and neoprene knuckle pads. These gloves allow the dexterity needed when working in a cold environment.<br /> <strong>VITALS</strong><br /> Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL Price: $34.95 <a href=""></a> 800-225-8238</p>