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Hands On May 2013

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Something to Grab On To

<p>The website states, “Because humans don’t come with handles.” Isn’t that the truth! How many times in a year do you find yourself in a situation where you need to assist someone up off the floor, toilet or other interesting place and because of their clothing, or lack thereof, there's nothing to grab on to. These difficult lifts often result in lifting in an unsafe manner. This can lead to injury, loss of work or, in extreme cases, even loss of a career. The <strong>Binder E-Z Lift </strong>harness attaches easily around your patient’s body and legs to give you the handles you need to safely assist a non-trauma victim who can’t get up on their own. It allows you to use a proper lifting technique and have less personal contact. Multiple handles allow for others to assist with lifting. The Binder E-Z Lift harness is made from 1000 denier Cordura nylon fabric with polypropylene web straps.</p> <div class="rtecenter"> <strong>VITALS</strong></div> <div class="rtecenter"> Sizes: 34–62" chest (MX);</div> <div class="rtecenter"> 58–82" chest (XLT)</div> <div class="rtecenter"> Color: Dark blue/yellow (MX); royal blue/yellow (XLT)</div> <div class="rtecenter"> Price: $389.00 (MX); $419.00 (XLT);  storage bag included with both models</div> <div class="rtecenter"> <a href=""></a></div> <div class="rtecenter"> 307-250-2389</div>

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Dry-erase Way to Teach Arrhythmias, EKGConcepts_RCATPosterFlyer_04

<p>The folks at EKG Concepts have done it again. The <strong>R-CAT for Arrhythmias Poster</strong> by <strong>EKG Concepts</strong> is a great way to teach or review the coronary circulation of the heart and the cardiac conduction system. This large adhesive poster has 41 different six-second ECG rhythm strips. There are brief explanations of each arrhythmia, and the center of the poster shows the coronary circulation as well as the conduction system of the heart. The special coating allows instructors and students to use dry-erase markers to explain in detail what is occurring both electrically and mechanically in any cardiac arrhythmia or event. It can then be wiped clean and used again. This poster adheres to most dry, clean and smooth surfaces. You can also choose to keep the backing on and move the poster anywhere you need it.</p> <p class="rtecenter"><strong style="line-height: normal;">VITALS</strong><br /> <span style="line-height: normal;">Size: 26" W x 36" L</span><br /> <span style="line-height: normal;">Price: $96.00</span><br /> <a href="" style="line-height: normal;"></a><br /> <span style="line-height: normal;">800-722-8354</span></p>

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Keep Cool with No Fuel

<p>Vanner Inc. recently teamed up with Wheeled Coach and SunPower to create a way to keep the cab of an ambulance fully air conditioned without having the vehicle’s engine running. The <strong>Idle Watch System</strong> by <strong>Vanner </strong>monitors the SunPower compact 12 Volt air conditioning unit and compressor that’s mounted behind the seat. There’s a small vented console that puts out cold air. The cabin of the vehicle keeps cool on even the hottest days without running the engine. The Idle Watch System monitors the auxiliary batteries. When the system is engaged, the auxiliary batteries are given enough of a charge to run the air. When the charge drops below 50%, the unit will start the engine so the air conditioning continues without interruption. You can just imagine the fuel savings for ambulance services that stage or post their vehicles out in the field in hot weather.</p> <div class="rtecenter"> <strong>VITALS</strong></div> <div class="rtecenter"> Dimensions: Custom-built system</div> <div class="rtecenter"> Price: Contact for pricing</div> <div class="rtecenter"> <a href=""></a></div> <div class="rtecenter"> 800-227-6937</div>

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Airway Plus CO2 & Temperature Monitoring

<p>Pulmodyne has taken the easy insertion airway device to another level. The <strong>CobraPLUS Airway</strong> from <strong>Pulmodyne </strong>not only gives you the ability to establish an advanced airway, but it can also monitor core body temperatures at the esophagus and distal CO2 levels. The CobraPLUS can monitor temperature at the level of the cuff using a 400 series probe connector. The high volume/low pressure cuff provides an airtight seal that prevents gases being delivered to the patient from leaking out into the environment. The inside tube and head design also allows you to ramp an endotracheal tube through the CobraPLUS grill and into the laryngeal inlet.</p> <div class="rtecenter"> <strong>VITALS</strong></div> <div class="rtecenter"> Size: Adult #2, 3, 4, 5 and 6;</div> <div class="rtecenter"> Pediatric #½, 1, 1 ½ and 2</div> <div class="rtecenter"> Price: Contact for pricing</div> <div class="rtecenter"> <a href=""></a></div> <div class="rtecenter"> 317-246-5505</div>

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Listen for the Click

<p>The top two priorities when treating a patient with a pelvic fracture are to stabilize the pelvis and apply enough circumferential force to control life threatening hemorrhage. How do you know how much circumferential force is enough to do the job? Apply too little force and you may not provide enough stabilization or control hemorrhage. Applying too much force can collapse the pelvic ring. The <strong>SAM Pelvic Sling II</strong> from <strong>SAM Medical Products</strong> is the only force-controlled circumferential pelvic belt. The patented Autostop buckle will stop your pull automatically when the proper force is applied to stabilize and reduce the fracture. Two prongs are released from the buckle, and the user hears a click which stops the belt from tightening any further. The sling is durable, radiolucent and MRI safe, and it can be cleaned for reuse.</p> <p class="rtecenter"><strong>VITALS</strong><br /> Hip circumference: 27–47" (extra small);<br /> 32–50" (standard);<br /> 36–60" (extra large); 32–50" (military)<br /> Weight: 9 oz.<br /> Price: $86.50<br /> <a href=""></a><br /> 800-818-4726</p>

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Scalable & Versatile O2 Administration

<p>The <strong>TOAD Total Oxygen Administration Device</strong> from <strong>Sensible Disaster Solutions</strong> is a scalable oxygen administration tool that’s ideal for short- or long-term incidents. TOAD allows you to use either high pressure gas cylinders or a liquid oxygen VGL low pressure oxygen source. TOAD comes complete with two patient regulators, one VGL regulator, one patient interface panel, two supply lines, two patient distribution strands and one crescent wrench. It all stores in a custom case with wheels and handles. TOAD can deliver up to 150 gaseous liters per minute and can be configured to meet your anticipated flow and patient needs.</p> <p class="rtecenter"><strong>VITALS</strong><br /> Box size: 18" x 18" x 24"<br /> Weight: 72 lbs.<br /> Price: Depends on configuration<br /> <a href=""></a><br /> 800-334-6656</p>