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Latest in Monitoring Technology

01 / 06

CPR Dashboard from ZOLL

<p>ZOLL offers CPR Dashboard, a real-time accelerometer-based technology with data transmission capability. <em>Photo Chris Swabb</em></p>

02 / 06

EMMA from Masimo

<p>Masimo’s EMMA is a miniaturized capnometer useful for space-limited environments. <em>Photo Courtesy Masimo</em></p>

03 / 06

CODE-STAT Data Software by Physio-Control

<p>Physio-Control offers CODE-STAT data software for post-CPR review. <em>Photo Courtesy Physio-Control, Inc.</em></p>

04 / 06

Q-CPR from Philips

<p>Philips offers Q-CPR, a real-time accelerometer-based technology that incorporates a downloadable resuscitation review. <em>Photo AJ Heightman</em></p>

05 / 06

ViSi from Sotera Wireless

<p>Sotera Wireless offers the ViSi, a powerful, compact monitoring device. <em>Photo Courtesy Sotera Wireless</em></p>

06 / 06

Integrated Pulmonary Index from Oridion

<p>Oridion’s Integrated Pulmonary Index (IPI) uses waveform capnography and pulse oximetry to monitor respiratory rate, EtCO2, heart rate and SpO2. <em>Photo AJ Heightman</em></p>