Marysville and Junction City, Kansas

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Junction City Ambulance Interior

<p>Color-coded wall-mounted essential equipment pack system.</p>

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Junction City Ambulance Interior

<p>Diamond-plated PPE and biohazard storage area mounted on the curbside rear door.</p>

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Old firehouse in Junction City, Kansas

<p>Firefighters in Junction City, Kansas, prepare to hitch fire horses.</p>

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Generator & Light Tower System

<p>Generator and light tower system purchased by the Junction City Kansas Fire Dept. though a Homeland Security Grant.</p>

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Junction City, Kansas, firefighter.

<p>Historic portait of a Junction City firefighters with his command bugle in hand.</p>

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Junction City Ambulance Interior

<p>Interior of Junction City (Kansas) ambulance.</p>

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Horse-Drawn Rig

<p>An old horse-drawn fire rig in Junction City, Kansas.</p>

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Junction City Ambulance Exterior

<p>Junction City (Kansas) ambulance built by Osage Ambulances.</p>

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Life Star of Kansas Helicopter

<p>A Life Star of Kansas medical helicopter.</p>

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Marysville Ambulance

<p>The lighting on a Marysville (Kansas) ambulance.</p>

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Marysville Ambulance

<p>Marysville Ambulance, built by Osage Ambulances.</p>

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MedVault 2 in Junction City Ambulance

<p>MedVault 2 is neatly and securely installed in a Junction City ambulance.</p>