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Intraosseous Devices

<p>Intraosseous devices, such as the EZ-IO, speed up the delivery of fluid boluses and medications. <em>Photo Kent Polowski/ Portland Fire and Rescue</em></p>

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Early defibrillation and bystander/first-responder CPR

<p>Multiple studies have demonstrated that in non-traumatic cardiac arrest, early defibrillation and bystander/first-responder CPR are likely more important to outcomes than intubation. <em>Photo Nashville Fire Department</em></p>

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ResQPOD features, Print

<p>Many EMS systems are experiencing increased resuscitation results when using the ITD in conjunction with other important resuscitation components. Photo Advanced Circulatory Systems Inc.</p>

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EZ-IO adult intraosseous infusion

<p>Many agencies now use EZ-IO adult intraosseous infusion as their initial and primary access method to deliver medications and cooled saline during resuscitations.<em> Photo Kent Polowski/Portland Fire and Rescue</em><br />  </p>

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ECCU slovis 2 300×200

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ECCU slovis 3 300×200