Hands On April 2014

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Move Patients Easily

<p>The article “Watching Your Back” (November JEMS) discussed how new products are finally being developed to help us move patients in a safe manner. The AlbacMat Rescue Mat by Advanced Egress Solutions is a great example of such a product. This flexible rescue mat is designed to allow as few as one person to safely and effectively move a patient across any surface or terrain, indoors or out. Available in three sizes: standard, large and bariatric, the mat can be used on patients of all sizes, from children to adults up to 1,030 lbs. The bottom of the mat is made of a polypropylene board that slides easily and adds to patient comfort by absorbing any bumps along the way. The built-in foot rest pocket provides comfort for the patient and allows for safe movement up and down stairs. Eleven separate handles add to the versatility of this rescue mat.<br /> <br /> <strong>VITALS</strong><br /> Size: 75" L x 24" W<br /> Storage dimensions: 14" x 7" x 7"<br /> Weight: 4 lbs. 11 oz.<br /> Price: $389.99<br /> www.advancedegresssolutions.com<br /> 516-359-8521</p>

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Quick Lace System

<p>If you wear any kind of boots you know how difficult it can be to get them laced up quickly. Seconds count when it comes to EMS and the fire service. With TacLace it’s as easy as pull, cinch and wrap. In just seconds your boots are laced shut and secure. TacLace was designed by two U.S. Marines stationed in Afghanistan where rapid combat readiness could be the difference between life and death. TacLace initial setup is easy, and in just a few steps they’re attached to your current laces. Once attached, the cumbersome issues with running your laces through eyelets, wrapping them around hooks, having to leave them untied, or just having them come undone in the middle of an emergency run are eliminated. Your boots also have a clean, professional appearance and any excess lace is hidden from view and evenly distributed along your leg.</p> <p><strong>VITALS</strong><br /> Colors: Black, foliage green, coyote tan<br /> Price: $14.99<br /> www.taclace.com</p>

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Keeping Equipment Visible

<p>Working on a dark highway or in any dark environment is a challenge. There are often times when I set a piece of equipment down and then can’t find it when I need it. Illuminating Grip Wrap from Foxfire is a highly visible wrap that can be placed on any piece of equipment, wet or dry. The wrap is reusable with a surface that clings to itself or it can be secured in place with any tape or zip tie. The glow it produces is bright enough to serve as a light emitter and the long-lasting solar battery can be charged again and again by any light source. Illuminating Grip Wrap is made from a heavy-duty, durable, industrial-grade, reinforced silicone that withstands high temperatures.<br /> <br /> <strong>VITALS</strong><br /> Size: 55' roll<br /> Color: Yellow tape that glows green<br /> Price: $49.95<br /> www.mn8foxfire.com<br /> 513-761-7614</p>

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Low-Cost, Efficient CPAP

<p>Although prehospital continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) has become a standard of care for patients with pulmonary edema and other situations when they have difficulty breathing, many CPAP systems remain bulky and difficult to use. The Rescuer Emergency CPAP System from BLS Systems Ltd. is a state-of-the-art CPAP system that’s both disposable and affordable. The system is easy to use and very efficient, running on only 5 Lpm of oxygen, allowing for longer cylinder life. The system features an adjustable positive end-expiratory pressure valve and medication port. In an effort to provide better infection control, the Rescuer Emergency CPAP System has both inhalation and exhalation filters (3M HEPA). The high-quality CPAP mask and adjustable forehead pad allow for maximum patient comfort (8700 and 8705 models). This system provides rapid relief with minimum oxygen consumption. The system comes in adult sizes large and small with either an adjustable or padded CPAP mask.<br /> <br /> <strong>VITALS</strong><br /> Price: Call for pricing<br /> www.blssystemsltd.com<br /> 800-334-6656</p>

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Multi-Feature, Portable Floodlight

<p>Any time I come across a great light I like to pass it along to you. The Knucklehead Haz-Lo Flood Model is one of several models in the Streamlight Knucklehead alkaline series. The Knucklehead Haz-Lo Flood Model is a multi-feature portable work light that will illuminate any work area. The four light modes (high, low, moonlight and flash—for signaling) give you the right kind of light when you need it. The light is generated by two C4 LEDs that reflect off of a specially engineered reflector. The light is rechargeable with a 4.8 volt NiCd battery pack or four AA alkaline batteries. Impact-resistant up to 2 meters, the nylon polymer construction is tough and durable. It also features a 240-degree articulating head that can rotate 360 degrees for maximum versatility and the 135-lb. pull-strength removable magnet allows you to mount the light to any metal surface.<br /> <br /> <strong>VITALS</strong><br /> Size: 9.2" H x 2.85" W x 2.75" D<br /> Weight: 23.1 oz. (NiCd), 18.3 oz. (alkaline)<br /> Color: Yellow or orange<br /> Price: $269.00 (NiCd), $144.00 (alkaline)<br /> www.streamlight.com<br /> 800-523-7488</p>

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All-Weather Notebook Kit

<p>I received a phone call the other day from my son Steve, a United States Marine. He told me about a product he used during combat training and has continued using. Knowing the types of weather conditions EMS personnel have to work in, he thought JEMS readers would be interested in the Rite in the Rain No. 935 Universal Kit. The Rite in the Rain notebook is a spiral-bound, 100-page (50 sheets) notebook. What makes it unique is the special paper that repels water so you can write even in bad weather. How many times have you been on a rainy or snowy rescue scene and needed to write something down? While these notebook pages will work with a standard pencil and most pens, the 935 B Universal Kit comes with the No. 97 All Weather Tactical Black Clicker Pen that will write on wet paper and with the pen flipped upside down, as well as in extreme temperatures. The C935B Cordura fabric cover keeps everything organized and has a zipper top closure.</p> <p><strong>VITALS</strong><br /> Size: 3" x 5" notebook<br /> Case colors: Tan (No. 935); black (No. 935B); army combat uniform (No. 935A)<br /> Price: $27.29<br /> www.riteintherain.com<br /> 253-922-5000<br /> <br /> <br />  </p>