Hands On February 2014

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All-in-One Emergency Operations System

<p>The PlanView SlidePanel System from Magnatag is an ideal system use minimal space to house all your whiteboards, maps, charts, emergency operation plans, etc. The individual custom-size panels slide on tracks and are all housed in one display cabinet. PlanView Systems are made to order and panels include standard whiteboard, MapMount with magnetic bars and overlay films, CorkTack, FabricTack, and custom print. Individual panels range in size from 3' x 2' to 4' x 6'. The system can be fitted with three, six, eight or 10 tracks depending on your needs. The six-track system can hold 49 linier feet of boards in a 13'-wide space. The cabinet sits on the floor and anchors to the wall. The fabric panels come in six color options. This system would be a great addition to any command center or training room.</p> <p><strong>VITALS</strong><br /> Overall size: 80" H x 157" L x 14" D<br /> Fabric panel colors: Blue, green, gray, sand, claret or black<br /> Price: $9,263.00 (base price, additional panels are extra)<br /> www.magnatag.com<br /> 800-624-4154</p>

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Cool! Fifteen Times More Effective than Ice

<p>The benefits of induced hypothermia post cardiac arrest is well known. The practice of cooling patients who have achieved return to spontaneous circulation after cardiac arrest is becoming a standard of care. The EMCOOLS Flex.Pad from EMCOOLS Medical Cooling Systems is a non-invasive cooling system that uses Hypocarbon technology, which has a heat absorption potential 15 times more effective than ice and 58 times more effective than water. The pads are easy to apply and are CT, X-ray and MRI transparent. They feature a skin-friendly medical adhesive film that’s latex and phthalates free. Flex.Pads can be applied anywhere on the body for cooling in ischemic events and various hyperhermic events like febrile sepsis and heat stroke. The Flex.Pad fits over the shoulders and around the neck and is designed to specifically cool the brain.</p> <p><strong>VITALS</strong><br /> Color: White<br /> Size: Regular and small<br /> Price: Call for pricing<br /> www.emcools.com<br /> +43-2252-890-152-0</p>

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Gloves with Textured Fingertips

<p>The KC500 Purple Nitrile Exam Gloves from Kimberly-Clark were designed for use in the prehospital and hospital setting where there is a high risk of exposure to blood-borne pathogens, bacteria and chemicals. They’re also an alternative exam glove for anyone who may have a Type 1 hypersensitivity to natural rubber latex proteins. These gloves are extremely comfortable to wear, have a beaded cuff and are designed to fit without being loose or baggy. They have textured fingertips for better grip in both wet and dry situations. The purple color stands out and also provides the wearer the ability to see all fluids that may be present on the glove during treatment. The Purple Nitrile Exam Gloves are also powder free.</p> <p><strong>VITALS</strong><br /> Sizes: XS–XL<br /> Length: 9.5"<br /> Count: 100 per box, 10 boxes per case<br /> Price: $149.99 (case)<br /> www.kchealthcare.com</p>

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Compact Bag Valve Mask

<p>Bag valve masks (BVMs) are large and cumbersome. They’re usually very difficult to store in your compartments or jump bags. If you’re like me, you probably get frustrated and just cram the BVM in the pouch it’s supposed to fit in. The Pocket BVM series from PerSys Medical is a disposable single-use BVM that’s packaged in a small, round, flat case that’s simple to store. It’s easy to use and requires minimal pressure to compress the bag, and it quickly recovers its shape. Options include the Pocket BVM, Pocket BVM Tactical, Pocket BVM with OPA, and Pocket BVM with O2 tubing The bag delivers 55% @ 2 LPM to 100% at 8 LPM with a volume of 1,600 mL. Reservoir bag has a volume of 2,400 mL.</p> <p><strong>VITALS</strong><br /> Size: 7" x 13.5" x 13.5"<br /> Weight: 1.1 lbs.<br /> Price: $37.10–$41.97<br /> www.ps-med.com<br /> 713-446-3251</p>

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New Blood Pressure Simulator

<p>One of the basic things a first responder is taught is how to take a blood pressure, but many students have a hard time understanding exactly what to look or listen for when their patient’s blood pressure isn’t normal, and teaching them is nearly impossible. The BPSim from KBPort is a blood pressure simulator that gives the instructor total control of what the student sees and hears. It can be used on a manikin, IV arm or a live human. Use the tablet, which controls the cuff, to set the systolic and diastolic numbers, heart rate and regularity, needle bump start and stop, and Korotkoff sounds. The BPSim can be used with any standard stethoscope.</p> <p><strong>VITALS</strong><br /> Size: Adult cuff<br /> Battery: Rechargeable for nine hours of use<br /> Price: Call for pricing<br /> www.kbport.com<br /> 412-487-4663</p>

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New Concepts in OPAs

<p>NuZone Medical has taken the oral pharyngeal airway (OPA) to the next level. The Dual-Air OPA has many innovative features differentiate it from the standard OPA. The first thing you’ll find is that it only comes in three sizes. This is because the Dual-Air OPA is adjustable. Not only can you adjust it while sizing it to your patient, but once it’s inserted the user can anteriorly displace and capture the tongue with the ratcheted adjustment mechanism. The Dual-Air OPA can even be used on patients with a gag reflex. The large central lumen allows for easy suctioning with a 1 French suction catheter. The adult XL size has seven adjustments from 90 mm to 120 mm, the adult large size has seven adjustments from 70 mm to 100 mm, and the pediatric size has five adjustments from 50 mm to 70 mm.</p> <p><strong>VITALS</strong><br /> Price: $4.00<br /> www.nuzonemedical.com<br /> 888-812-7474</p>