ECG Consult: 77yo Nursing Home Resident with Shortness of Breath and Lightheadedness

ECG Consult video Episode 4: We arrive on scene and find a 77yo nursing home resident with acutely altered mental status complaining of shortness of breath and lightheadedness.

Watch in the player below.


  • J. William Hayden, MD, EdD, FACEP, has practiced emergency medicine for more than 28 years in rural and urban hospitals, university medical centers, and single as well as large group practices. He's a graduate of the University of Michigan Medical School and holds a doctorate in education from the University of Memphis. He is also a professor of medicine at the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine.

  • Jonathan Barney, MD, BA, EMT-B, is a graduate of the American University of the Caribbean, School of Medicine. Prior to medical school, he attained his Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University at San Marcos and gained experience working in a variety of healthcare settings in Southern California, including working as an EMT, ER-Tech, and AHA Instructor.

  • Troy "Trey" Kennedy, MS, MPH, EMT-P, is currently a second year medical student at American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine. Prior to medical school he obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Biology, Master of Science in Physiology, and a Master of Public Health from the University of Louisville. Following graduate school, he worked as a strategy analyst for a Fortune 100 healthcare company. Additionally, he has over nine years of experience in EMS, and has been a paramedic since 2012.

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