A Flolan pump

EMS And The Flolan Pump

Having a better understanding of Flolan will help you provide better care.
Head Injury Patient

Managing the Airway and Breathing of a Head Injury Patient

Dealing with a traumatic head injury is one of the more difficult types of patients that we encounter.
Austin EMS Association

Austin (TX) Paramedic Kept a 98-Year-Old Patient Warm Through Transport

With an ambulance stuck in the snow, Austin paramedics had to resort to warming a 98-year-old patient in a utility vehicle.
Longmont Fire, Police and Community Health and Resilience

Longmont (CO) Public Safety Stops Ketamine Use

Longmont Public Safety officials shed light on its own use of force policies and what they are doing differently.
A photo of oxycodone.

Toxidromes: Common Poisoning Syndromes to Know

Recognizing common toxidromes will assist your assessment and treatment of the exposed patients, even when the specific toxin is unknown.
Lincolnwood Fire Department

Lincolnwood (IL) Fire Department Opens Station in Assisted Living Home

The station, which is open from 6:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m., houses an ambulance and living quarters for two fire department paramedics.
Newark Airport

Officers Credited with Saving Woman’s Life after Having Brain Aneurysm at Newark Airport

Two officers with the Port Authority Police Department are being credited with saving the life of a woman who suffered a brain aneurysm.
Fauquier County Department of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Management

Fauquier County (VA) EMS Providers Vaccinate Elderly Residents in Their Homes

EMS providers in one Virginia county spent Thursday going door-to-door to vaccinate some of the most vulnerable to COVID-19.

Bleeding Management of the Severely Injured

The authors believe this has relevant patient management implications which are not discussed in emergency medicine literature or training.
Neal Madhani, MD, instructs students on proper CPR and AED use during the hands-on simulation part of the AHA Heartsaver course.

Increasing Bystander CPR Confidence and Knowledge

A project in Rhode Island highlights the importance of a formal high school CPR education with certified instructors.

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