2016 Star of Life: Tiffany Samuels, Richmond Ambulance Authority

2016 AAA Star of Life Tiffany Samuels

Tiffany Samuels: Paramedic/FTO
Richmond Ambulance Authority: Richmond, Va.

“When you want something all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” — Paulo Coelho

Tiffany Samuels was born in January 1987 in Brooklyn, N.Y., and moved to Richmond, Va., with her family at age 10. After graduating high school she was briefly employed in the banking industry before beginning her EMS career with the Richmond Ambulance Authority (RAA). In 2008, her EMS career started with an entry-level position in the logistics department as a vehicle service technician. She has worked very conscientiously, taking each step up with an undeniable passion. Tiffany has established herself as confident and proficient at each certification and skill level before progressing through the organization to her current position as a paramedic and FTO. In this role she takes great effort and shows immense pride in teaching new employees how to provide world class EMS.

She has contributed to the agency’s success in each position she has served along the way, including vehicle service technician, EMT, EMT/FTO, Paramedic, paramedic — corporal, and paramedic/FTO.

Tiffany continues to be a valuable asset to RAA with not only her dedication in carrying out her normal day-to-day duties, but also her many contributions while serving on various committees. She helps shape the clinical direction of the agency by serving as chairperson of the clinical services committee, and is an advocate for her fellow EMS providers while participating on the wellness committee. Tiffany has presented many creative ideas to the scheduling committee, resulting in a schedule offering a greater work/life balance.

As a result of her leadership, hard work, commitment to clinical excellence and her many contributions to the Richmond Ambulance Authority, Tiffany was selected as the 2015 Medical Director’s Paramedic of the Year.

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