UC–Irvine Medical Center Staff Gather Outside Hospital Over PPE, Infected Workers

On Monday, nurses at the University of California–Irvine (UCI) Medical Center went public with their fears that they do not have the needed amount of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as N95 masks to treat coronavirus patients, according to a report by CBS Los Angeles2

According to the Orange County Health Department, 229 county health care workers have tested positive for COVIS-19. A UCI Medical Center spokesperson confirmed that some of the hospital’s staff were among those infected, and that the hospital has adopted safe conservation protocols for N95 masks and carefully follows Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for PPE use. Enrique Trinidad, president of the nurse’s union, stated that a lack of PPE may put not just him but also his family at risk.

The Monday night vigil followed a weekend of protests by hundreds of Orange County residents who wanted businesses to being opening again.

The nurses later acknowledged the sign outside the hospital that reads “Heroes Work Here,” but also said that they need more equipment and not the title of “hero.”

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