Second Employee of the Welsh (UK) Ambulance Service Dies Due to COVID-19

Paul Teesdale
Paul Teesdale (Photo/Welsh Ambulance Service)

Paul Teesdale, a call handler for the Welsh Ambulance Service, has died after testing positive for COVID-19 on New Year’s Day, the ambulance service said.

Teesdale was 64 years old. He joined the ambulance service in June 2012 after a long career with South Wales Fire and Rescue Service.

He worked as an ambulance care assistant until April 2014, when he took on call handler role for the Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service.

“A straight-talker best known for his wicked sense of humor, colleagues describe Paul as a ‘true gentleman’ and the ‘heart of the department’ as well as a font of all knowledge, especially for new recruits,” said Jason Killens, chief executive of the Welsh Ambulance Service, in a statement.

Teesdale was the second employee of the Welsh Ambulance Service to die from the virus.

“Losing one colleague to COVID-19 was difficult, but losing two is devastating, and it’s hard to find the words to express how colleagues across the service are feeling as they hear this news,” Killens said.

Teesdale is survived by wife Tina and his two children, Ruth and Nicky.


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