Participants Needed for COVID Mental Health Survey

Researchers are conducting a study to research the behavioral and mental health effects of COVID-19 on EMS providers. The study has been approved by the Institutional Review Boards at both Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Clarkson University.

The researchers hope the findings will help the profession better understand and address mental health issues and the stresses that COVID-19 has had on the EMS community.

Participants will complete a 10-15 minute survey on SurveyMonkey with questions about participants’ demographic information, experiences as an EMT/EMS provider and mental health. Participants in this study may also be invited to take part in optional additional follow-up studies. 

Participation in this research is voluntary. Deciding not to take part or to stop being a part of this research will result in no penalty, fine, or loss of benefits that you otherwise have a right to. 

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