NJ Medical Center One of 90 to Begin Testing Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine

According to a report from NBC4, a major clinical trial is now underway across the United States at 90 locations to test an experimental COVID-19 vaccine, one of which is Hackensack University Medical Center (HUMC).

These centers are participating in the final phase of a clinical vaccine trial that will involve 30,000 people. Three hundred volunteers are being recruited for a two-year trial involving a vaccine developed by Moderna, a biotech company in Massachusetts, in cooperation with the National Institutes of Health.

To be considered for the study, volunteers must be over 18 years old, not pregnant or breastfeeding, not already have COVID-19 or any active infections, or certain types of bleeding or immune disorders.

Those conducting the study are especially interested in high-risk patients, which includes patients with underlying conditions or advanced age.

HUMC Chief of Research Dr. Ihor Sawczuk is the first participant for the study.

It is a “double-blind” study; in other words, Sawczuk and the other recruits won’t know if they are getting a placebo or the real thing.

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