New COVID-19 Resources Released by Feds

EMS educators must be able able to adapt during the coronavirus pandemic, the author writes. (Photo/Adam Mason)

A new document developed specifically to support EMS systems planning for or implementing crisis standards of care during the COVID-19 pandemic is now available on Other new resources address burnout and self-care for first responders and their families, behavioral health resources, COVID-19 epidemiology basics and disinfection of structural firefighting PPE.

These resources along with dozens of others are available on the COVID-19 page on The page will continue to be updated frequently throughout the response to COVID-19. The page includes links to the most relevant guidance for EMS and other first responders from the US Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and other Federal agencies, as well as sample protocols and policies from state and local organizations.

The documents added this week include several developed by the Federal Healthcare Resilience Task Force EMS/Prehospital Team, which is comprised of public and private-sector EMS and 911 experts from a wide variety of federal agencies and non-federal partners and focuses on responding to the needs of the prehospital community. Through collaboration with experts in related fields, the team develops practical resources for field clinicians, supervisors, administrators, medical directors and associations to better respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Resources released by the Federal Healthcare Resilience Task Force EMS/Prehospital Team include:

COVID-19: Considerations, Strategies and Resources for EMS Crisis Standards of Care

Burnout, Self-care and COVID-19 Exposure for First Responders

Burnout, Self care and COVID-19 Exposure for Families of First Responders

Epidemiology for COVID-19 EMS Providers: What You Need to Know

COVID-19 Disinfection of Structural Firefighting PPE

COVID-19 Behavioral Health Resources for First Responders

PPE Supply for EMS

Managing Patient and Family Distress Associated with COVID-19Mitigating Absenteeism by Protecting EMS Clinician’s Psychological Health and Well-being during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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