MD Doctor Creates “Z-Box” to Protect Medical Staff Amid COVID-19 Fight

According to a report from WTAE, a doctor out of Maryland has created a new means of protecting medical personnel who are working amid the coronavirus pandemic as cases surge across the country: The Z-Box.

Retired emergency room physician Dr. Jay Zwally devised the Z-Box after his colleagues saw a picture of a similar box that was being used in Asia. However, that device had limitations.

Zwally designed the Z-Box as a new type of personal protective equipment that protects doctors and medical staff who are intubating COVID-19 patients.

The box provides a barrier around the patient’s head during a procedure to keep droplets and aerosols from spreading in the immediate area. Zwally, an emergency physician for 25 years, has performed hundreds of intubations.

The Z-Box keeps the virus contained at least until the patient gets to the intensive care unit. So far, Doctors Community Hospital (DCH) in Lanham, Maryland, is the only hospital using it. Dr. Amber Marshall, DCH’s emergency department assistant director, said the Z-Box has been extremely helpful.

Zwally is currently making improvements to his device.

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