Fired IL Hospital Nurse Alleges Retaliation for Speaking Out About Lack of Protection

Chicago (IL) – Regina Haglund, who was fired as a nurse at Mercy Hospital, alleges she was let go after voicing concerns that hospital staff members were not provided adequate protections for staff members who were treating COVID-19 patients, as reported by NBC affiliate NBCChicago5.

On March 26, Haglund filed a seven-page discrimination charge with the Chicago office of the National Labor Relations Board against Mercy Hospital. The filing states that she was was fired March 25 as retaliation for speaking out about the lack of protective masks being available to hospital staff.

Haglund said that she was working in triage for the hospital on March 22 when she noticed a patient who was presenting symptoms for coronavirus wasn’t given a mask because of a lack of suitable ones in the triage area. The patient coughed twice on Haglund, the filing states. The person was placed in isolation; Haglund states she has not been informed of the patient’s test results.


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