Beyond Lucid Technologies Publishes COVID-19 Data From Four EMS Record Systems Across 12 U.S. States

Image shows two people in PPE.

Beyond Lucid Technologies (BLT) has released a digest of COVID-19-related data indicating trends of suspected infection that occurred in a prehospital context during the first half of 2020. The company is a health-and-safety IT startup that specializes in data collection, aggregation, and interoperability.

Written in two parts – “COVID-19 Exposure Tracking Within Enterprises,” and “Canaries in the Coal Mine?: COVID-19 Symptoms & Impressions Among ePCRs Created using MEDIVIEW, Zoll, Stryker HealthEMS, and American Medical Response’s MEDS” software – the study juxtaposes findings such as symptoms reported by patients versus clinical impressions identified by care providers.


It offers a “view from inside the ambulance” to public health experts and policymakers ahead of the 2020 winter season, when flu and allergies are expected to mingle with the coronavirus.

It also raises hypotheses about the spread of the disease while identifying avenues for further research, including the refinement of algorithms that can be used for triage where physical tests are unavailable, delayed or deemed invalid.

Beyond Lucid Technologies has roots at the famously quantitative Carnegie Mellon University (CMU Integrated Innovation), which has been involved in its own COVID-19 related analyses in collaboration with Facebook Research. A distinction between our paper and other recently published “indexes” is that Canaries in the Coal Mine? mined data from four (4) electronic patient care record (ePCRs) platforms used by Mobile Medical agencies in the field, rather than referencing only one dataset, to reduce the risk of biased interpretations. 

Canaries in the Coal Mine? was also the first study to examine Fire & EMS patient data aggregated over time as they pertain to COVID-19, including tens of thousands of self-reports obtained from care providers who themselves became patients due to suspected (or confirmed) exposure to the coronavirus.

Jonathon Feit, Co-Founder & CEO of Beyond Lucid Technologies, said: “In Mobile Medicine, challenges and strategies for dealing with them tend to be hyperlocal. COVID-19 does not recognize political boundaries; we knew it would spread nationwide. The only question was how quickly. Beyond Lucid Technologies is proud to share insights gained from data from a dozen states, to guide local community resiliency and education regarding COVID-19. Not every sneeze, sniffle, or fever is a sign of COVID-19 infection. Yet as the year progresses, data captured over time shows that the virus is not only persisting – it is moving. We hope that studying the patterns of infection will help health and safety professionals overtake the virus to avoid pain and tragic mortality.”

View the paper here.

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