CDC Holding National Forum on the COVID-19 Vaccine

Sacramento Fire Department
A Sacramento Fire Department member receives a COVID-19 vaccine. (Photo/Sacramento Fire Depart.)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is organizing a virtual forum on the COVID-19 vaccine that will bring together practitioners and providers who are vaccinating communities across the nation.

The event is being held Feb. 22-24.

“The forum aims to promote the most effective strategies to build trust and confidence in COVID-19 vaccines, use data to optimize vaccine implementation, and provide participants with practical information for increasing vaccine access in communities nationwide, especially for persons at increased risk of COVID-19 disease and those who may face barriers to vaccination,” the announcement reads.

The forum will allow information exchange on the most effective strategies to:

• Build trust and confidence in COVID-19 vaccines

• Use data to drive vaccine implementation

• Provide practical information for optimizing

Learn more here.

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