American Paramedic Association, National EMS Management Association Develop First COVID-19 Vaccine Guidelines

Back of an ambulance.
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The American Paramedic Association (APA) and the National EMS Management Association (NEMSMA) have jointly developed the first national COVID-19 vaccine guidelines for United States EMS practitioners to prepare for an imminent Emergency Use Authorization from the

Paramedics developed the COVID-19 vaccine guidelines to be meaningful for paramedics. These guidelines are also among the first to incorporate the latest international professional nomenclature recommendations to reduce confusion and inconsistencies by using the all-inclusive title of “paramedic.”


Using the title paramedic will help federal, state, and local officials and, more importantly, the public to better understand the role of paramedics nationwide by reducing confusion caused by the many different certifications or licensure levels across the country not meaningful to non-practitioners.

“American paramedics are at higher risk of infection from COVID-19 than other healthcare providers or first responders,” said APA Board President Nick Nudell. “They then have great potential to transfer it to others unintentionally. Although the federal government has recognized this and made appropriate vaccination priority recommendations, many state and local health jurisdictions have planned to delay access for paramedics. We feel this is a grave mistake that could have disastrous consequences not only for paramedics
but also all those they come into contact with!”

“It is important for paramedics and paramedic officers to understand the importance of being vaccinated against one of the most contagious diseases with high morbidity humankind has ever experienced. Paramedics must be vaccinated as soon as possible to continue their critical mission as the nation’s safety net,” said Scott Lancaster, PhD, APA Board Director. “Paramedic agency leaders have a vital mission to keep their employees properly trained, equipped, and as safe as possible. In addition to PPE supplies, this now includes plans for vaccination strategies and wellness monitoring.”

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