Can You Mix and Match COVID-19 Vaccines?

Can you mix and match two-dose COVID-19 vaccines? It's likely safe and effective, but researchers are still gathering data to be sure.

Survey to Look at Motivating Factors Behind Vaccination Decisions in EMS

This survey seeks to obtain the opinions of active emergency medical providers on the topic of COVID-19 vaccination.

U.S. Extends Expiration Dates for J&J COVID Vaccine by Six Weeks

Johnson & Johnson said U.S. regulators extended the expiration date on millions of doses of its COVID-19 vaccine by six weeks.

Why Do Some People Get Side Effects after COVID-19 Vaccines?

Temporary side effects including headache, fatigue and fever are signs the immune system is revving up -- a normal response to vaccines.

Heart Reaction Probed as Possible Rare Vaccine Link in Teens

Health authorities are trying to determine whether heart inflammation could be a rare side effect in teens and young adults after the second COVID-19 vaccine.

Do I Need to Get Tested for COVID-19 if I’m Vaccinated?

Do I need to get tested for COVID-19 if I'm vaccinated? No, you can skip routine testing, with some exceptions.

Heart Inflammation after Virus Is Rare in Big Ten Athletes

Heart inflammation is rare in Big Ten Conference athletes who’ve had COVID-19 and in most it cases causes no obvious symptoms.

Can Employers Make COVID-19 Vaccination Mandatory?

Can employers make COVID-19 vaccination mandatory? Yes, with some exceptions.

Moderna Says Its COVID-19 Shot Works in Kids As Young As 12

This could put Moderna's shot on track to become the second option for that age group in the U.S.

Amount of COVID-19 Long-Term Scars a Mystery

The number of COVID "long haulers" remains a mystery in a pandemic that otherwise has been one of the most measured, modeled and mapped events in human history.