We Are Indeed So Much More than Ambulance Drivers

The photo shows the hood of a blue ambulance.
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This Atlantic article is spot on and details the crisis that we are facing in America as government officials and others refused to recognize the critical importance of EMS personnel and the need for pay parity universally with firefighters, police officers and nurses. 

It should be a crime the way the FDNY EMTs and paramedics are compensated in comparison to FDNY firefighters and police officers, particularly the five-year top currently established for EMS workers. While a firefighter can advance up to a $100,000, FDNY paramedics are maxed out at $50,000.

The work that is done in the field is dangerous, requires continuing education and presents great risk to EMS personnel. 

While firefighters and law enforcement officers render tremendous service in their respective fields, they do not routinely assess patients and give medications, make life-and-death decisions and administer care that reverses critical conditions and saves lives on a daily basis.

EMS is valuable care and work and should be compensated accordingly.


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