COVID-19 Can Kill You Now or Later. You Should Take the Vaccine.

Stephen Sunday
Stephen Sunday (Photo/Scranton Fire Dept. IAFF Local 60)

It pains me to have to write about a young, healthy EMS provider/firefighter from my hometown of Scranton, PA, but there is an important message for you to hear about COVID-19 and importance for all emergency responders to take the vaccines being offered to them.

If you are in good shape, young and healthy, don’t take the vaccine and happen to survive a bout of COVID-19, it can kill you days, weeks, months or perhaps years later because it is a blood coagulation disease that can lay dormant in your body and come back to kill you at any time (without warning) by a sudden assault by blood clots,  strokes, pulmonary embolisms or heart attack.

In this case, healthy 28-year-old Scranton (PA) firefighter Steven Sunday woke up with severe difficulty breathing and was in irreversible cardiac arrest rapidly from multiple PEs.

This is an important case that must be shared with firefighters and EMS responders so they take the vaccine. 

They must be made aware of the scientific fact that, even it they’re young and healthy and can survive COVID-19,  it can have lasting effects throughout the rest of their life if they get it.

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