Binder Lift

Lifting patients is the most dangerous task a prehospital provider will perform on a typical shift. The Binder Lift changes this by attaching up to 25 handles to the patient’s torso. Without handles it is impossible for caregivers to effectively team lift with proper ergonomics. The Binder Lift is comfortable for patients of all ages and sizes and is proven to make lifting safer, easier, and quicker.

Binder Lift LLC empowers the strength of EMS providers by giving them handles to lift patients by. The patented patient lift and assist device is the only product proven to prevent injuries that happen prior to loading the patient onto the stretcher. The first Binder Lift was created by Dan Binder to keep his wife, Julie, from getting hurt while performing her duties as an EMT-I. The Binder family still works hard every day to ensure every provider has the tools necessary to do their job without getting hurt. All products are proudly made in the USA and are designed with the patient and provider in mind.

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