The healthcare landscape in the United States is evolving rapidly but has largely ignored EMS, until recently. As the country focuses on cost containment and more appropriate methods to deliver services as a result of healthcare reform, EMS will need to undergo dramatic change to fill a new role in the healthcare system. The current traditional delivery method for EMS is financially unsustainable and will soon not be a viable option for care. EMS has a choice to make—adapt to the new environment or be left behind.
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Controlled substance security is an ever-increasing concern for both fire departments and independent EMS providers. Drugs such as Morphine and Valium require top security, yet emergency personnel need immediate access during an emergency. Paramedics can now significantly reduce the risk of carrying controlled substances by installing the new Knox MedVault® Narcotics Locker. 
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Versatile Spinal Immobilization Device May be used as a scoop stretcher or a full backboard. Simple, Intuitive Design Minimizes Training Minimizes training of EMS and hospital personnel. Reduces maintenance and replacement costs. Lower Profile Updated, thinner board with a smaller diameter hand-hold improves ergonomics and fits in standard storage compartments.
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The CombiCarrier II features an auto-lock latch system designed to minimize training. It locks instantly during application and releases manually during removal of patient. The concave patient surface provides excellent lateral support and improves patient's sense of security. It also minimizes the movement of the patient's spine during lifting and transport. The CombiCarrier II operates like a standard backboard. The patient can be rotated and slid out onto the CombiCarrier II during auto extrication.
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Our radiotransparent and radiotranslucent “one-pad system” enables pads to remain with the patient as they move through various care environments. Our 60-inch lead wire is by far the longest on the market, offering you more room to work with. Medstorm pads are designed to take up less room on a patient’s body while leaving the conductor plate the standard size. Now, it’s easier to ensure the optimal one-inch separation from the grounding pad, mapping pad, EKG electrodes and corresponding defibrillation pad.
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VividTrac is a low cost single use video intubation device offered by Vivid Medical that supports a USB connection allowing the intubation procedure video to be viewed and recorded on a variety of computers without the need to purchase an expensive and proprietary display system.  VividTrac offers a paradigm shift in portability and availability for video intubation devices, especially in an EMS setting, where for the first time, an affordable high performance video intubation device can be utilized in all airway management cases.   VividTrac is a hyper-angulated, endotrachea
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The AmbuBus®, Bus Stretcher Conversion Kit (available only from First Line Technology) is an effective and efficient all-hazards preparedness and response tool for hospital evacuations, mass casualty transport, mass care and staging operations. Join First Line VP Randy Sakowitz for an exclusive tour of the AmbuBus and discussion of how you can use it and its  innovative accessories. First Line Technology 866-556-0517
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The next generation of Resusci Anne SkillReporter Software will provide you with the flexibility to perform Quality CPR Training in the environment of your choice! Built with the quality you have come to expect from Laerdal, the new Wireless SkillReporter and its easy-to-use software, Multi-Manikin Overview options and realtime performance feedback, will help you train multiple students in their actual working environment. Learn more at