Equipment & Gear Editor s Note: For more information on California s wireless alerts system, read Got Wireless Alerts? SAN FRANCISCO -- Sprint Nextel has agreed to deploy an emergency-alert solution developed by location-based services vendor SquareLoop that is designed to notify cellular subscribers in even small geographic areas targeted by emergency officials.
Communications & Dispatch

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- If you're a woman thinking about a career as a police officer, firefighter or medic, Yumika Smith would like to meet you Saturday.Smith, a 27-year-old police officer, will be at the door greeting attendees at "Women in Emergency Services Career Fair," a joint job fair for Charlotte's police, fire and medic departments."You're a counselor, a doctor, a minister," Smith said of her work. "If you love being a public servant, you will love this job."

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Moriarty, N.M., Fire Chief Dave Cohen said his department is well-prepared to handle requests -- even though calls for service are rising annually."They're going up every year," said Cohen, who began working for the city fire department 10 years ago. The statistics show the number of calls has risen consistently by about 100 every year.Cohen gave his report to Moriarty City Council members on Jan. 22.
Communications & Dispatch

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- After crash-landing his helicopter near the Fenner wind farm Jan. 15, pilot Zachariah Bowers told emergency dispatchers that he thought he was in the town of Madison.But a computer screen in the Madison County 911 center showed in detail that the helicopter was actually in the town of Fenner, about 20 miles west of the pilot's estimated location. Bowers, of Jacksonville, Fla., may have confused the area with a similar wind farm in the town of Madison when he made the call from his cell phone.
Ambulances & Vehicle Ops Editor_s Note: Just a month after„A.J. Heightman, MPA, EMT-P, Editor-in-Chief, JEMS, wrote an article about patient privacy sparked by the difficult transport of a famous singer in„Los Angeles, the singer was transported again. This new incident shows exceptional control by all the emergency agencies involved. Law enforcement clearly establishes a no-access zone, allowing the emergency crews to protect the privacy of their patient and work unimpeded by the press.
Ambulances & Vehicle Ops

SPRING CITY, Tenn. -- A retired Florida firefighter is launching a company to assist emergency workers being deployed to major disasters anywhere in the nation, building his business to address past shortcomings in response efforts."I researched the response efforts at the World Trade Center, Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building and Hurricane Katrina," said Marc Klein, chief executive of Governor's Mobile Tactical Command Inc. "We found there were a lot of communications problems."

PHILADELPHIA -- Philadelphia could finance a solution to an acute shortage of ambulances and eliminate fatal delays in response times with a more aggressive collection policy for ambulance fees, City Controller Alan Butkovitz said yesterday.Butkovitz said the city could generate $15 million a year with a list of improvements, including increasing emergency medical service rates, changing the city's agreement with Independence Blue Cross to assure higher reimbursement rates, and adding incentives to improve performance of the city's bill-collecting company.
Cardiac & Resuscitation

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- The death of Little Rock Parkview basketball player Antony Hobbs has turned the lack of on-site defibrillators at athletic events into an official cause.For the moment, everybody's listening.The Little Rock School District will be purchasing five automated external defibrillators, which will be on hand at sports events for the district's five high schools: Parkview, Hall, Central, McClellan and Fair.