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American Medical Response (AMR) and the National EMS Association (NEMSA) -- the labor union that represents about half of AMR's unionized employees -- reached an agreement on Sunday, July 29 to avert a strike called to begin at 7 a.m. July 30, 2007. "Overall this workforce actually achieved more than what was demanded. We are very pleased in AMR's willingness to agree to a fair contract for these dedicated EMS professionals," says NEMSA President Torren Colcord.
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Crafton Hills Collegegraduated 15 students with Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)-Paramedic certificates Thursday. The graduates were required to complete a comprehensive 1,220-hour course teaching emergency medical care, including learning skills to handle trauma situations, cardiac problems, respiratory problems, delivering babies, and emergency care for children.
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July 29, 2007About 1,000 employees of a private ambulance company that serves 40 communities in Maine, New Hampshire, and Eastern Massachusetts are threatening to strike tomorrow if union and company negotiators cannot reach contract agreement today.

(WBZ) BOSTON There will be no strike on Monday after Colorado-based American Medical Response reached a tentative agreement with EMS workers in eastern Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire. We are pleased that we have been able to negotiate an agreement that we believe is fair and equitable for both employees and the Company, and we look forward to an ongoing collaborative relationship with the union in the future, said Brendan McNiff, AMR general manager.
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NORWICH,„UK„ ƒ A new„£800,000 ($1,618,860„USD)„ambulance depot intended to cut down on methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) has opened outside of„Norwich,„UK„ according to the BBC.„„The station located at the„Longwater„Business„Park was completed in early July and began operation on Sunday.The depot has an ambulance station, full service vehicle washing and stocking area, and medical storage.„„ All this has been done in an effort to cut down on the risk of patients contracting a MRSA infection.
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RALEIGH -- The reports coming out of Daniels Middle School on Thursday morning were grim: multiple casualties with a gunman at large on the Oberlin Road campus. In the wake of this spring's Virginia Tech massacre, heavily armed Wake County emergency officials held a drill to practice responding to a similar mass shooting.
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Monday afternoon was not a good time for a heart attack. At precisely 2:19 p.m., San Antonio ran out of ambulances. It's true. If you had gone into cardiac arrest at 2:20, sorry, not one of the city's 28 EMS units could have rushed to save your life. On the other hand, if you had scraped your nose in a fender-bender at 2:15, a wailing siren would have sped to your rescue. Don't know what caused the crisis--- Rain? Flooded streets? Bad timing? -- but whatever it was, our EMS system began to hemorrhage.

Sherwood's former ambulance provider sued the city and interim Mayor Bill Harmon on Tuesday in U.S. District Court over its canceled contract. The city signed a five-year exclusive contract with Arkansas Emergency Transport of Jacksonville in June 2005 but terminated the agreement Oct. 10, 2006, over an ambulance crew member's September arrest for public intoxication while on a medical call.
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A strike vote by paramedics, EMTs and dispatchers with American Medical Response is threatening to cut ambulance service in 13 Bay State communities, leaving emergency planners grasping to come up with contingency plans. James Gabone, a labor relations representative for National Emergency Medical Services Association, which represents 1,000 AMR employees, said the strike is set for Monday at 7 a.m.