Cardiac & Resuscitation

For those students just starting out in EMT education or students who have passed their EMT training and are now advancing to the paramedic level, I thought I would give you some suggestions on how to be successful (or more successful) in school. Regardless of your background if you ve just graduated from high school or college, or if you ve been out of school for a number of years you owe it to yourself to get the most out of your time commitment to becoming a member of the EMS workforce.
Administration and Leadership

As many of you head to Philadelphia for the EMS Today Conference this month, some of your colleagues will attend another seminar, the Terrible EMS Leadership Conference. This secret conference is where EMS managers with poor leadership skills enhance their knack for mismanaging their organizations and employees. I recently received the brochure in the mail, and some of the courses sound interesting. Here are just a few: