Administration and Leadership

At the 2014 Pinnacle Conference, JEMS Editor-in Chief A.J. Heightman presented a half-day workshop on advanced strategies for managing an EMS agency with Skip Kirkwood, EMS chief of the Durham County (N.C.) EMS system and former president of the National EMS Management Association.

For EMS Week, JEMS Editor-in-Chief, A.J. Heightman, flew from Manchester, England directly to Memphis, Tenn., and spent the day with crews from the Memphis Fire Department and the MERI Center, one of the most innovative cadaever labs, Live Tissue labs, simulation centers and product test centers in the world.

Rettmobile is held in Fulda, Germany, the site of a former airbase on the outskirts of Fulda. Rettmobile started in 2001 with 63 exhibitors and a total of 3,500 visitors. In 2013 there were 440 exhibitors and more than 20,000 trade visitors in attendance, including JEMS Editor-in-Chief, A.J. Heightman.
Airway & Respiratory

EMS personnel are often intimidated when tasked with performing triage, particularly initial triage, at a scene. They worry that if they assign the wrong priority to a victim, a patient might not get the care they need soon enough or survive. The reality: Your early EMS training probably gave you most of the knowledge you need to perform triage correctly. Let me explain.
Ambulances & Vehicle Ops

In this video report from the 2008 EMS EXPO conference in Las Vegas, JEMS Editor-in-Chief A.J. Heightman reports on a session presented by the Las Vegas Fire Department. In this session, the chief detailed how the city of Las Vegas dramatically reduced their hospital ER wait times from 2-8 hours down to 30 minutes via state legislation.