Streetsense: Communication, Safety, and Control, 4th Edition Now Available

Kate Dernocoeur wrote Streetsense: Communication, Safety and Control to promote ways to be as safe as possible in a fairly predictably unpredictable arena: the streets. In the 4th edition, she adds insights about the advent of multiple-fatality active shooter situations, social media, and the concept of resiliency.

Celebrate this refreshed version of non-clinical topics every emergency service provider should know about this important, difficult, complicated, and very fun job.

Kate Dernocoeur has written numerous books, articles, and columns for EMS readers”¦ I am so proud that my friend and colleague is publishing the fourth edition of her seminal book, Streetsense: Communication, Safety and Control. Kate is an EMS icon who writes, not for her self-interest, but, rather, to keep you clinically, mentally, physically, and environmentally up-to-date and safe on the streets.

— A.J. Heightman, MPA, EMT-P
JEMS Editor Emeritus

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