‘Home Sweet Home’ – Rehab Idea!

For just $13,000, this talented gentleman converted a 4-Wheel-Drive ambulance into a "home."

For Just $13,000, This Talented Gentleman Converted a 4-Wheel-Drive Ambulance into a ‘Home’

When you watch this very well done video tour, think of the possibilities for copying many of his ideas to build an inexpensive rehab unit for your service area.

He has ingenious ideas for trash disposal; clean water storage (hydration); interior and exterior propane “cooking;” shower (decon) and drainage; with his heating for water and propane tank storage in the oxygen compartment.

He had the entire roof covered with solar panels fed into two small 6 Volt batteries to power his vehicle when stationary and the motor is shut down.

He has a small, minimal load drain refrigerator and ceiling LED lights and neat conversion of the squad bench and rear compartment CPR and attendant areas for extra seating.

Oxygen could still be kept in the vehicle for rehab purposes.

I think it’s an ingenious idea for conversion of a spare ambulance into a nice, and expensive rehab vehicle.

(Note: I’m going to incorporate a few of his ideas into the restoration of my 1975 GMC motorhome ambulance.  Stay tuned for updates!)

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