EMSA (OK) Has First All-Female Recruit Class

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EMSA Oklahoma is hosting its first ever all-female recruit class, FOX 25 reports.

Paramedic Angela Correli-Keeton told the station the EMS industry has been dominated by males since the beginning.

“I had a medic tell me that women didn’t belong in EMS. He didn’t think they could lift enough weight or whatever,” Correli-Keeton told the station. “And I can tell you, I’ve never had any trouble with that. I’ve always been able to take care of my patients. And I think that that’s changing now that they’re seeing that women can be in EMS. We can do the job, we can lift the weights we need to lift. We can do the job.”

Correli-Keeton said she believes women bring something else to the table.

“I think we bring empathy and compassion to the field,” she said. “A lot of us are mothers and we can bring that to the field.

The class will spend four weeks in the classroom before heading out in the field for hands-on training.

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