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On Jan. 29, M Health Fairview EMS crew members Craig Anderson, Rodney Hillskotter, and Rachel Ross were posted at an Inver Grove Heights Fire station awaiting ambulance calls when they heard on the radio scanner that a vehicle had just been stolen from a gas station one mile from them.

M Health Fairview EMS (MN) Team Honored for Helping Recover Baby Taken in Carjacking

As police shared a detailed description of the stolen vehicle, a red Jeep Liberty matching the description drove past the medics' location.
Kitty Hawk Heaviside

Falck to Explore eVTOL Aircraft Use for EMS

Falck has announced a collaboration with Silicon Valley’s Kitty Hawk, a company pioneering all-electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft.
Coconino County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue conducts overnight rescue off Fat Mans Loop Trail on Mount Elden.

AZ Rescuers Stay Night with Injured Hiker

A search for an injured man on Mount Elden turned into an overnight rescue operation as daylight faded and weather got worse.
An ambulance into a home.

‘Home Sweet Home’ – Rehab Idea!

For just $13,000, this talented gentleman converted a 4-Wheel-Drive ambulance into a "home."
New Life EMS Ambulance members.

EMT Becomes Paramedic, Honors Late Father

Zack Jahnke's journey to becoming a paramedic was inspired by the first responders who helped his late father.
Mindy Cauley

Off-Duty GA Paramedic Honored for Talking Man Off Bridge

Paramedic Mindy Cauley went above and beyond the call of duty and performed with exceptional conduct that saved a man's life while she was off duty.
Firefighter/Paramedics Jonathan Hart, Sean Peters and James Reidy delivered a baby boy at 12:01 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 10 while en route to Good Samaritan Medical Center.

MA Firefighters Deliver Baby in Ambulance Parked at Burger King

The newborn boy clocked in at 4 pounds and 4 ounces, according to the Bridgewater Fire Department.
Dave (L) and Ellie (R) in uniform

London Ambulance Service Medic Reunited on Shift with the Colleague Who Saved Her Husband

After searching for years for the medic who helped her husband, the two were crewed up on shift by chance.
AMR Earn While You Learn program members

AMR Launches Paid EMT Training Program in Grand Rapids (MI)

Since launching the “Earn While You Learn Program” in 2018, AMR has graduated more than 350 EMS professionals.
Acadian Ambulance

Acadian Ambulance (LA) Begins Offering an Alternative Delivery Model

With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to surge, Acadian Ambulance is helping to relieve some of the strain on hospitals.