‘Copkido’ Lessons for EMTs and Paramedics in Boston

(Boston 25 News)

BOSTON – EMTs and paramedics are getting a first-hand lesson in self-defense training after one of their own was stabbed by a patient.

Boston 25 News reports “Copkido” is now being taught at the union’s office.

“Copkido” is adapted from the Korean martial art Hapkido and created by a Boston police officer.

The program is specifically designed for police, firefighters, EMTs and paramedics.

“The Copkido program focuses on non-violent methods of restraint and self-defense,” the company’s website reads. “We accomplish our goals through the mechanical manipulation of the human skeletal and nervous systems.”

“While most self-defense programs focus on the use of violence against violence, our program strives to avoid violence whenever possible,” it continues.

“Copkido” courses in Massachusetts are approved by the Metropolitan Boston EMS Council for continuing education credits.



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