Will Atlanta (GA) Create Its Own Ambulance Service?

The photo shows the Star of Life.
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Some leaders in Atlanta, Georgia, are unhappy with response times with Grady EMS and are thinking of creating a city-run ambulance service, according to a report.

This comes after an incident involving an 85-year-old crash victim who waited nearly an hour before Grady arrived at a crash scene, FOX 5 Atlanta reports. Radio chatter picks up a frustrated police officer imploring dispatch to get an ambulance on scene faster.


He told dispatch firefighters had done all they could, but only Grady EMS could transport the victim to the hospital.

“It’s becoming clear, Grady too often is not reliable,” Councilman Dustin Hillis said.

The Atlanta fire chief told Councilman Hillis the city may need to start its own ambulance service.

As for the victim, she was eventually transported to the hospital and is now home, according to the report.

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