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American Medical Response

Santa Clara, CA

The mission and purpose this position is to compassionately deliver high-quality service and basic, as well as advanced patient care in a professional, caring and cost-effective manner.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

• Assess each call situation to determine best course of action and appropriate protocol.

• Utilize medical equipment and procedures including defibrillator, EKG monitor, oxygen and suction devices, intravenous fluids, CPR and other procedures and medications as required to provide advanced medical care.

• Develop and utilize triage skills to provide optimal efficiency during calls.

• Provide patient care according to clinical protocols and safety requirements.

• Lift and move patients as required to provide optimum care.

• Communicate with receiving facility to receive medical direction and to provide critical information.

• Communicate with patient and loved ones to provide information and assurance that care is being given, and to show compassion.

• Act as team leader and take responsibility for scene and unit management as needed.

• Drive the ambulance and provide map reading support to minimize call response time.

• Continuously maintain all required certifications.

• Communicate with dispatcher to receive and understand call data and customer feedback.

• Monitor and maintain the general condition of the unit, keep it clean and stocked for optimal call response to maintain the image of AMR.

• Document activities with regard to patient care and billing completely to ensure appropriate information is available regarding each call.

• Follow policies and procedures regarding out-of-chute times and turnaround times.

• Consider patient status and insurance preferred facilities when determining transportation destinations.

• Ability to work past scheduled shift with little or no notice.

Paramedic, Advanced and/or EMT

Marion County EMS


Marion County EMS currently has employment opportunities for the 24/48 schedule for full-time Paramedic, Advanced and/or EMT. For more information, please contact Joey Price @ 843-275-6116 or . Applications can be found at: and can be sent to j

Field Paramedic

Williamson County EMS

Georgetown, TX

Reporting directly to a Lieutenant or Commander, responsible for providing pre-hospital clinical medicine in response to 911 calls. Operates and maintains medical equipment and emergency vehicles.


Provides pre-hospital care based on Scope of Care

Operates standard equipment; such as stretchers, patient care monitors and diagnostic equipment

Operates Emergency Medical Services (EMS) vehicles under normal and emergency situations

Assures vehicles are adequately stocked and in proper working order

Maintains and troubleshoots medical equipment

Assess emergency scenes and gives direction to patients, first responders, and/or bystanders

Utilizes electronic communication including portable and mobile radios, electronic patient care records, and computer aid dispatching equipment

Extricates persons from vehicles, bends and lifts, and performs CPR for extended periods of time

Functions independently once credentialed by the Medical Director

Attends meetings, conferences, workshops, and training sessions and reviews publications and audio-visual materials to become and remain current on principles, practices, and new developments in assigned work areas

Maintains credentialing by the Medical Director

Performs special duties as assigned


Cole County EMS

Jefferson City, MO

A full-time, non-exempt, hourly employee. Paramedic’s shall be full-time or part-time who report directly to their respective Battalion Chief.


1. Operations

a. Quickly assesses the nature and extent of a patient’s illness and/or injury and administers appropriate emergency care within the licensure and training of a Missouri State paramedic. Emergency care may include computing amounts of drugs or IV fluids and administering them; applying knowledge of drug dosages, reactions, and interactions; performing endotracheal intubation; operating cardiac monitoring equipment and defibrillators; performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation; assisting in child birth; applying Kendrick Extrication Device (KED); operating a pulse oximeter; bandaging wounds; operating and maintaining all other pieces of emergency equipment which the paramedic is licensed to use in the State of Missouri.

b. Determines patient condition in order to decide upon appropriate treatment and/or to assist a physician in making such decisions by conducting a primary assessment that includes checking level of consciousness, airway, breathing, blood pressure, pulse, lung sounds, pupils, skin color and skin temperature; and by conducting a secondary assessment that includes a focused or complete head-to-toe physical inspection and asking the patient or other knowledgeable persons about medications, current medical treatment, and prior conditions or illnesses.

c. Uses muscular strength, coordination and endurance needed for lifting, moving and restraining patients. Able to work in adverse weather conditions, including extreme heat and extreme cold. Able to work long periods of time in a standing position and perform well with little sleep.

d. Uses aural keenness needed to evaluate physical characteristics of a patient such as blood pressure, crepitation, and lung sounds.

e. Has the ability to function well in stressful situations to deal tactfully with patients, family members and co-workers. Able to cooperate and maintain a good rapport with fire, police and hospital personnel.

f. Operates the ambulance communication equipment and communicates information in a professional manner. Relays patient assessment information to the medical control physician in a clear, concise manner and provides frequent updates as needed regarding the patient’s condition.

g. Follows the CCEMS treatment protocols and/or treatment orders of the on-line medical control physician.

h. Prepares patients for transportation through use of appropriate splints such as back boards, cervical collars, and head immobilization devices; by removing patients from vehicle wreckage; and by restraining, lifting and carrying patients to and from the ambulance or up and down stairs.

i. Drives the ambulance to reach and transport patients as quickly as possible while protecting the community from motor vehicle collisions by following local and state driving regulations and CCEMS vehicle operating policies and procedures; by using various maps and directional guides; and by applying a knowledge of County streets, roads and landmarks.

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