Paramedic Jobs: Week of May 31, 2021

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MidMichigan Health

Midland, MI

This position provides advanced emergency medical care to the sick and/or injured as trained and licensed by the State of Michigan. The desired result of the paramedic’s intervention is improved patient outcome.

(50%)* Acts independently to formulate and initiate a plan of intervention for medical and traumatic emergencies. Invasive medical interventions include: pleural decompression, cricothyrotomy, endotracheal intubation, interosseous access, intravenous access insertion of esophageal obturator airway, and blood sugar analysis. Noninvasive monitoring and management techniques include: vital sign interpretation, cardiac rhythm analysis, 12 lead interpretation, cardiac defibrillation/cardioversion, use of external pacemaker, analysis of pulse oximetry, and proper delivery of oxygen therapy.

(25%)* Assesses patients during inter-hospital transfers. Evaluation and intervention is initiated by the paramedic. Additional medical equipment is often utilized to maintain optimal patient care. Examples of equipment include neonatal isolette, intra-aortic balloon pump, and intravenous infusion machines.

(25%)* Supervises field medical management of ancillary rescue personnel. This includes any physician not identified with the Midland/Gladwin Medical Control Authority, any Medical Center employee, Michigan State Police, Midland and Gladwin City Police, County Sheriff Department, all County and adjacent fire departments.

EMS Captain

Adams County Ambulance

Quincy, IL

The Captain oversees and manages shift operations, supervising twelve paramedics and EMTs.  Responsible for critical decision-making involving emergency incidents and exercising good judgment.  Directs daily shift activities, assigns tasks, and will facilitate communications among the crews to ensure all assignments are executed appropriately.  Evaluates subordinate’s performance, develops improvement plans, and institutes discipline where appropriate.

The EMS Captain will assist in planning, research, and oversight related to operations, educational, regulatory compliance, and community outreach programs.

Paramedic OR Nurse – LPN, LVN or RN

CSL Plasma

Tucson, AZ

1 Promotes positive customer relations with all donors.

2 Conducts confidential and effective interviews with donors to obtain necessary information regarding suitability to donate plasma.

3 In conjunction with the Center Medical Director and/or Center Physician responds to medically related questions from staff including donor suitability and provides information to staff on medically related issues.

4 Performs medical history reviews and health assessments on donors. Assesses results of donor screening and laboratory tests to determine initial and continuing donor suitability.

5 Notifies and counsels donors regarding reactive test results. Refers donors to community facilities for follow-up and counseling.

EMT Per-Diem

Wellness Workdays

Boston, MA

There are immediate daytime and weekend shift positions available. We are seeking a passionate acute care provider/wellness professional to provide onsite triage for our construction client partners. This candidate will serve as a wellness ambassador and role model. Provide triage and acute services to various trades at a construction site

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