Paramedic Jobs: Week of June 7, 2021

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MidMichigan Health

Midland, MI

This position provides advanced emergency medical care to the sick and/or injured as trained and licensed by the State of Michigan. The desired result of the paramedic’s intervention is improved patient outcome.

(50%)* Acts independently to formulate and initiate a plan of intervention for medical and traumatic emergencies. Invasive medical interventions include: pleural decompression, cricothyrotomy, endotracheal intubation, interosseous access, intravenous access insertion of esophageal obturator airway, and blood sugar analysis. Noninvasive monitoring and management techniques include: vital sign interpretation, cardiac rhythm analysis, 12 lead interpretation, cardiac defibrillation/cardioversion, use of external pacemaker, analysis of pulse oximetry, and proper delivery of oxygen therapy.

(25%)* Assesses patients during inter-hospital transfers. Evaluation and intervention is initiated by the paramedic. Additional medical equipment is often utilized to maintain optimal patient care. Examples of equipment include neonatal isolette, intra-aortic balloon pump, and intravenous infusion machines.

(25%)* Supervises field medical management of ancillary rescue personnel. This includes any physician not identified with the Midland/Gladwin Medical Control Authority, any Medical Center employee, Michigan State Police, Midland and Gladwin City Police, County Sheriff Department, all County and adjacent fire departments.


St. Peter’s Health

Helena, MT

JOB SUMMARY: This position’s primary responsibility is 911 response, inter-facility transports, public assistance, and Emergency Department assistance as needed.


Supervise and promote cohesive patient care management as a part of a prehospital multidisciplinary team.

Provide thorough assessment, and treatment of medical, trauma, and environmental emergencies

Respond to emergency / non-emergency calls to provide efficient and immediate care to the ill and injured

Safely operating emergency vehicles in high-stress situations, within a variety of responses and road/traffic conditions.

Assist and provide clinical and technical assessments and treatments as needed, for patient care in the Emergency Department and within the hospital facilities.

Provide an immediate course of treatment en route to hospital or at the scene

Frequent use of technical equipment including IV infusion pumps, patient monitors, defibrillators, ECG machines, ventilators, etc. in order to treat, resuscitate, and stabilize patients

Carry out certain invasive procedures when necessary, and within scope of practice, such as Intubation, IV insertion, Medication administration, Cardioversion, Cricothyrotomy, Thoracotomy, etc.

Calculation and administration of medication dosages and medication infusion rates in response to dynamic patient conditions.

Collection and interpretation of diagnostic data, coupled with clinical decision making, with the goal of promoting and restoring patients’ health.


Emergency Services Consulting International

Wilsonville, OR

Emergency Services Consulting International (ESCI) is an international firm providing specialized, high-quality professional fire, police, communications, and emergency medical services (EMS) consulting services to organizations throughout the United States and Canada. ESCI has been meeting the needs of emergency services agencies since 1976, and is considered by many to be the nation’s leader in emergency services consulting.

What We Do

The mission of ESCI is to provide expertise and guidance that enhances community safety. We accomplish this by providing the highest value of professional consulting services, position selection and promotion, and educational programs that cover current and anticipated fire, police, communications, emergency management, and EMS issues and needs. Our wide array of consulting services encourages creative solutions to complex system dilemmas. ESCI has helped improve emergency services in hundreds of communities throughout the country.


Snohomish County Fire District #17

Granite Falls, WA

Snohomish County Fire District is establishing an eligibility list for Single-Role Paramedic (SR-PM), Fire Department based, with Four (4) immediate openings.

First application review wil be conducted the week of June 22, 2021 with evaluations to follow.  

To view the job posting, job description and/or to apply please visit:

2022 Salary range $60,736.00 – $75,920.00, DOE while working a 2,640 annual schedule. 

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