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Paramedic OR Nurse – LPN, LVN or RN

CSL Plasma

St. Louis, MO

Responsible for the evaluation of donor suitability for automated pheresis procedures. Administration and supervision of approved immunizations other than red blood cell immunizations. Provides limited emergency medical care to donors and staff, including the administration of medication or treatments in accordance with licensure or certification.

Job Description

1 Promotes positive customer relations with all donors.
2 Conducts confidential and effective interviews with donors to obtain necessary information regarding suitability to donate plasma.
3 In conjunction with the Center Medical Director and/or Center Physician responds to medically related questions from staff including donor suitability and provides information to staff on medically related issues.
4 Performs medical history reviews and health assessments on donors. Assesses results of donor screening and laboratory tests to determine initial and continuing donor suitability.
5 Notifies and counsels donors regarding reactive test results. Refers donors to community facilities for follow-up and counseling.
6 Explains informed consent to applicant donors. This includes explanation of procedures, hazards and potential adverse events; explanation of immunization schedules, dose and antibody response; providing clear opportunity for donor to refuse participation; obtaining signature and date certifying informed consent.
7 Handles medical emergencies at the Center by providing routine care as outlined in Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs); elevates situations to Center Physician or local medical service providers as required. Periodically checks emergency kits to assure supplies are present and in-date.
8 Reviews test results and determines continued donor suitability. Follows SOPs regarding acceptable ranges of four-month required test (PE/STS) reports. Maintains knowledge of and apply all rules regarding four-month approvals and grace periods.
9 Assess signs and symptoms a donor may exhibit that may result in the inability to continue donating.
10 Manages employee hepatitis B and influenza immunization program, including administration of immunizations.


East Boston Neighborhood Health Center

East Boston, MA

The Emergency Department Paramedic is a healthcare professional who plays a key role as a member of the care delivery team composed of nurses, physicians, and medical assistants. The Emergency Department Paramedic is responsible for patient care of assigned patients under the general direction of the Emergency Department Medical Director with direct supervision by the Attending Physician and primary Registered Nurse.  He/she administers patient care within the scope and limitations of his/her academic and clinical preparation as a Paramedic and adheres to policies, procedures and standards for practice as established by EBNHC.


Kansas City Missouri Police Department

Kansas City, MO

Responsible for all patient care (Advanced as well as Basic Life Support) in accordance with all applicable Federal, State, and local laws, statutes, and protocols.

Completes all applicable patient care reports and provides direction to other crew members as needed.

Serves as a First Responder in the areas of Fire Protection, Rescue Services and Hazardous Materials Response, as well as Aircraft Firefighting and Emergencies.

Responds to calls of fire and other medical and non-medical emergencies.

Functions as a Firefighter and completes all assigned duties related to that assignment. Also functions as a Paramedic and provides care and/or transport as prescribed by the procedures prescribed by the Emergency Medical Services Director.

The Fire Department will provide all training to attain fire related certifications and continuing education required to keep all necessary licensures. Performs general custodial duties to maintain fire stations, equipment, and apparatuses.


Refinery Terminal Fire Company

Sabine Pass, LA

This position encompasses a variety of duties and responsibilities in performing a diversity of hazardous tasks when engaged in answering non- emergency and emergency calls, treating the injured, and in operation and maintenance of RTFC equipment, apparatus, and quarters.

Maintains credentialing required by Medical Director

Functions independently, once credentialed by the Medical Director

Capability to assess emergency scenes

Manage medical and trauma patients, direct co-workers, first responders and bystanders in a positive manner

Utilizes electronic communication including portable and mobile radios and electronic patient care records

Operates EMS vehicles under normal and emergency situations

Operates standard equipment; such as stretchers, cots, patient care monitors, and standard diagnostic equipment

Extricates persons from vehicles, bend and lift, and perform CPR for extended periods of time

Reports for duty on time and when assigned

Works with and under the direction of other agencies during regional emergency response incidents

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