New Jersey’s EMS Director Suddenly Fired

New Jersey State Seal

Scot Phelps, New Jersey’s director of the Office of Emergency Medical Services, says he was unexpectedly fired this afternoon without reason.

“Dear Colleagues,” Phelps wrote in a New Jersey EMT Facebook group, “today just after lunch, I was fired as Director of the Office of Emergency Medical Services.”

“I have to say that it was a surprise and I’m still in shock, not that I didn’t expect it to happen at some point,” he continued. “But I wanted to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of you for helping with the progress we attained over the past three years. I truly believe in New Jersey’s EMS system, its clinicians, and most importantly, its leaders.”

Phelps had been the state’s EMS director since May 2017, according to his LinkedIn profile.

A New Jersey Department of Health spokesperson confirmed to Phelps was no longer a state employee but declined to elaborate.

A petition called Phelps a “trusted advocate and face of progress for EMS.”

“Scot was a true leader and inspiration that interacted with and engaged those that he oversaw at the street level and would speak to them not as a superior, but as an equal,” the petition reads.

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