Mike Lipkin_s 10 Strategies for Ë™Keeping the Flameà“

If there was a unifying concept behind this year_s Fire-Rescue International (FRI), it was support and safety Æ’ the support that membership in the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) gives to fire officers and chiefs, and the attention to safety that must be paramount in everything that fire chiefs do, because the survival of their firefighters depends on them.”ž

Keynote presenter Mike Lipkin, an author and motivational speaker, provided an inspiring and energetic start to the main part of the conference. With humor and energy, Lipkin walked the audience through 10 strategies for Ë™keeping the flame,à“ noting that Ë™when the fire dies down, the predators creep in.à“ His message was very much about living in the moment, making every action, every meeting, count.

  1. Be clear. Give opportunity the space.”ž
  2. Be present. Act now.”ž
  3. Be specific. Know what you want.”ž
  4. Be authentic. Express yourself fully.”ž
  5. Be courageous. Make friends with your fear.”ž
  6. Be connected. Partner with others.”ž
  7. Be vocal. Declare your commitment.”ž
  8. Be generous. Pay it forward.”ž
  9. Be brilliant. Live into the possibility.”ž
  10. Be disciplined. Do the hard work.

Shannon Pieper is managing editor of FireRescue magazine, the official publication of the IAFC.

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